The women of Mother Russia are the real deal and the term ‘stunning Russian’ ceases to raise an eyebrow since all these women are drop dead gorgeous. Surprise surprise, Natalie falls easily into this category. This honey-coloured, blue-eyed, pillow lipped beauty is soft in approach but heavy in impact. Natalie has been blessed with a natural perfect body that even Da Vinci would be baffled by. Natalie holds a Master’s Degree and in the past has taken part in theatrical and cultural activities.


Name: Natalie
Age: 25
Measurements: 34D (natural) – 26″ – 35″
Height: 5ft 5″ (169cm)
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: Russian
Languages: Russian, Polish, English, Spanish
Outcall: Yes
Incall location: Mayfair

One hour: 600
Available to travel worldwide: Yes


The pictures don’t lie and Natalie is as vivacious as she comes across in the photographs. Similar to one of the babes from the Charlie’s Angels trio, she is up for an adventure, especially if it involves you. She loves company as well as her own downtime where she explains that she visits art museums, watches musicals – predominantly in Soho – and practices tap dancing. Her love for the theatre has stayed with her and she confesses acting on a stage is where she felt most at peace.

Cooking is something she enjoys thoroughly. Natalie explains, “I advocate a woman working independently and pulling her own weight but it all means nothing if you cannot cook! Even men who cook well immediately come across as more attractive to me.” This resonates with the thought that men who can cook tend to be more spontaneous and creative with ideas, and as a result can offer different experiences. Natalie also explains that it’s easy and more comfortable to have a romantic dinner at home where voices do not have to be raised above the loud hustle and bustle of the restaurant ambience.
We asked what meal Natalie would cook for a gentleman who was coming over for a dinner date. She tells us: “well I would not go for fish or truffles; albeit popular, it is also a niche taste that may not be appreciated by everyone. I would start with a gazpacho soup which is a blend of seasonal raw vegetables and fruit served chilled. To follow, I would serve duck with orange sauce and for dessert, I would whip up a green tea tiramisu. The dessert may sound unconventional but it is delicious and I want my company to know that I like to take a left turn now and then [winks].”

Natalie’s ideal night would entail cocktails at a funky bar in Soho followed by a musical or a night dancing at the club. The main factor is the company and since she is great fun, you’re already halfway there. The beauty about spending time with this gorgeous lady is that she knows how to bring out the very best in you.