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Who Are We?

Lilith’s Escorts is a London-based elite modelling agency providing the highest quality VIP escorts London has to offer. Our beautiful models are also able offer their services to the rest of the UK and around the world. As we are the most elite London escorts that anyone has to offer, we pride ourselves on being one of the world’s most high-end escort agency and we will always offer incredibly beautiful high class escorts in London.  Our goal is very simple, yet takes much love and attention; we are here to give you – the client – the best VIP escort experience possible.  Each and every one of our  high class London escorts is very enthusiastic about their job and enjoy fulfilling yours and hers escort fantasies.

What We Stand For?

Our high class London escorts will excite you beyond your wildest expectations and will provide you with the most memorable elite escort service you will ever receive.  The models are stunningly beautiful with perfect figures and a positively cheerful disposition.  Lilith’s models are proud to be among the highest quality VIP London escorts and understand that they are more than just escorts; they are the world’s very best in female companionship.  The latter is a title that comes with the high responsibility to prove themselves as unparalleled in the world of elite escorting. We believe that London is the one city on earth where the art of providing VIP escorts is a cut above the rest.  Feel free to browse through some of the best VIP escorts London has to date, of course with the intention of picking a gorgeous high class London escort for tonight.

Our London VIP Escorts

All of the girls in the website are independent VIP escorts in London and are using this website as a platform to meet cultivated, successful and interesting male companions.

They are respectable, gentle and sweet ladies, therefore we will recommend them only to respectable gentlemen. Our elite London escorts always ensure they treat every male companion with the utmost respect whilst still delivering on an unforgettable experience. We offer various services: In-call locations, out-call services to your hotel and private residences, flexibility for abroad travel.

The VIP London escorts that we work with are available to travel worldwide on short notice, others may need prior notification due to other work commitments.  Please note that Lilith escort agency consistently maintain private records of a large variety of elite escort models that are NOT published in the site’s gallery.

Our collection of London high class escorts is built by a large number of professional fashion models, media icons and breath-taking women who provide their escorting services via our platform exclusively.  If you wish to view our exclusive London VIP escorts, you will be required to log-in to our ‘Members Only’ area utilising a password only we will provide. Please note that not all requests for membership to the site are granted, but only those of existing amicable relationships, built upon positive past experiences.  We also provide a VIP escort service for the London tourist who wishes to treat himself to the best time.  From a planned night out in which you will visit London’s best bars and clubs, accompanied by several “head-turning” beautiful elite London escorts, to a week-long trip along the UK with a unique, high class escort tour-guide assisting you whilst you visit many of England historical sites and natural wonders.

Elite Escorts | Important Information

Here at Lilith London escorts, we pride ourselves in making all dreams come true, so please feel free to call and tell us what wish you would like to fulfill and we will make it our goal and passion to make the insatiable satiable.  Take your time browsing through our collection of elite London escorts pictures so to get the right feel of which one of these wonderful London escorts you are most interested in.  We advocate taking the effort to read the profile of the London VIP escorts that catch your eye.  This will ensure that you develop a firm understanding of their personality, style, background and services.  It is imperative to clarify that Lilith escort agency ONLY provide model companionship services for private and official events and do not promote any services that can be perceived of as a sexual nature.

The prices stated on the site are the ladies donations for their time and companionship.  We invite you to contact us regarding surrounding questions and advice. Your wish – within reason – is our command and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.  We believe that to be an elite London escort is akin to being a messenger of love and beauty; after using our services once, you will, no doubt, return for more.  We take great pleasure in becoming your favourite London VIP escort agency and we will consistently surprise you time after time with new and exclusive high class London escorts and models.  Come visit us frequently, as we update the site every day, either uploading new escorts’ pictures or writing relevant blogs.  The latter we strongly recommend you read for news on new gorgeous women as well as tips and advice on women.




Lilith is the Spirit of lust in biblical mythology and embodies the themes of passion, desire, freedom, empowerment and fantasy. Through enigmatic hypnosis, she uses her feminine power to seduce and overcome.

Breezing through the night’s serenity in the form of an erotic shadow, ancient stories teach that Lilith was Adam’s first wife – before the Apple loving Eve – and she was so incredibly gorgeous that Adam pined after her perpetually.  However, one still night Adam approached Lilith to caress her when she instantaneously dissolved into sparkles of light which dissipated amongst the flowerbed.

A very frustrated Adam cried out his frustration to his creator and begged him to, “take this Woman away from me as she is driving me mad with desire’.  Adam’s request did not go unnoticed and Lilith was banished to the shadows and as a replacement, Eve was created from Adam’s rib.

Ironically, Lilith was only teasing Adam because she was playing hard to get. Excitement being Lilith’s main motivation, she sought to tease Adam because she enjoys the chase. The point was to incite arousement, playfulness and pure pleasure. Lilith understood that there were many ways to please Adam and wanted to introduce to him to utopia: her Garden of Eden; her playground; the real forbidden fruit. Unfortunately, Adam could not get the hint and opted to live a mundane life with Eve. 

Lilith on the other hand, exists as the goddess of licentious fantasies that teases men at night through liberated dreams – a platform where anything is possible. 

Just like Lilith, I dream of having my fantasies fulfilled and just like Lilith, I am monumentally misunderstood. However, before I draw parallels between Lilith and I, let me tell you a bit about them so we can become better acquainted…

I, she, her, elle, woman, girl, represent the sentiments of every elite escort on this website. I understand the importance of beauty, wit, charm and playfulness where beauty on the inside is just as paramount as the glorious vision we see on the outside. Look deep into my shimmering blue eyes, touch my satin smooth iridescent skin, admire my exotic features, marvel at my long limbed toned body and smell my floral scented long wavy hair.

"Glamorous, playful and unique: discover beautiful on every level."

high class VIP London escsorts

Why I became an Elite London Escort. Meet Kate.

I became a high class London escort because I was searching for some excitement in my life and we all know that the best secrets are the ones kept private.

There are other reasons why I gravitated towards becoming an elite London escort: meeting interesting gentlemen; travelling to exotic destinations; being payed exceptionally well; learning new things every day and living a perpetual life of charm and romance with no stress attached. I believe the best relationships whether that be for an hour, a night or several days should be enjoyed to the maximum by both client and girl so that the pleasure exchange is symbiotic.

There is a stark difference between a London escort agency and an elite London escort agency…the difference you ponder? Well, the gentleman of course! I have a great deal of fun meeting exceptional individuals from all around the globe who are kind, humble and interesting. There is something truly honest about this industry and if you are dealing with Liliths London Escort Agency, then there is the reassurance that mine, the other girls and clients info are kept strictly confidential – every liaison is dealt with the upmost diplomacy and discretion. On another note, I am booked to enjoy the company of gentlemen who are as classy as the other high class London escorts I work with.

We are constantly searching for beautiful and sophisticated elite London escorts to join our gorgeous team. If you are a beautiful woman between 18-32 years old with model-like features, click on the button below and fill in the form.

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There are love triangles and then there are love hexagons. In the world of polygamy and extramarital affairs, having a mistress is certainly not uncommon but the popularity has increased due to the nature of the relationship – most of the time – remaining a secret.  Mistresses have been around since the dawn of civilization, from Lilith and Adam (ancient Babylonian […]

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The best clubs for partying hard with London escorts

The combined pressures of the work environment – dealing with your passive aggressive colleagues, finalising that presentation and drinking that terrible instant coffee – can soon become overbearing. Fear not, that remedy called ‘Friday night’ always comes back to treat your symptoms and before you know it, you are planning which clubs to hit before it’s even dark…

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Why we love brunette escorts

Flaxen-haired beauties love to boast about the attention they garner from their golden locks but at Lilith, we remain staunchly loyal to brunette beauties. I mean, a beautiful blonde is an amazing, and rare, sight to behold but there is something more tantalising and alluring about a dark mane that slips through your fingers like black sand…

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First time using high class London Escorts?

There is a first time for everything and since there are a plethora of London elite escort agencies in London, why should you choose Lilith escort agency when booking a high class London escort & model?  At Lilith, we understand that first impressions are lasting ones.  If you are a rookie in the world of escorting, then pick three models of your choice in case option one and two are unavailable.  The escorts listed are high in demand models and we may not always be able to co-ordinate a meeting with your ultimate woman if you book short notice.  If the client – in this case, you – is not sure, then speak to the friendly receptionist and ask who she would recommend.  Our receptionist will be able to gauge the type of personality you have over the phone, and from this, she will pick an exceptional elite London escort that will be a perfect match for you.  It’s no surprise that clients have a hard time choosing which elite escort to spend time with. The models that represent Lilith escort agency are a roster of incredibly talented, beautiful, smart and kind models from all over the world.

Our VIP escort agency prides itself on it’s multitude of global connections and vast number of stunning high class London escorts approaching them on a daily basis.  As a result of this, if we cannot match all of your pre-requisites, we can guarantee that upon your next arrival, we will have the perfect VIP London escort for you.  Each model has a unique description written by members of the team who have met them so that they really understand their aura as well as their personality.

The statistics are provided by the London escorts themselves and the pictures are verified by the agency member who meets the elite companions.  Some of our high class escorts in London will stay with us for weeks, others longer depending on their situation.  We ensure the models are aware that after a significant amount of time on our books, we will converse further to ask what their (new) future plans are and whether they are still on track with the initial propositions they outlined the first time they met us.

Not all of the VIP London escorts on Lilith’s books are shown on the website and certain members will have access to extra photos and information depending on the strength of their relationship with Lilith.  If you book on a regular basis, then you will become a regular of the agency, and with member’s access, you will be privy to our most exclusive fashion catwalk and catalogue models.  We can fly an elite London escort to whichever location you are based in – with exceptions to geographical locations that are experiencing civil unrest or if the nationality of the model and the said country would cause tension and put her in a compromising position.

Having met each and every one of our beautiful London escorts, we understand their rules, needs, desires, goals and aspirations in life. Therefore, we put the safety of the models before anything else.  If you are a new client booking, please do not be offended if we question you and ask for proof of identification along with our own background checks to ensure external facts coincide with your booking information provided.  We have the power to say ‘no’ if we don’t feel secure about sending a high class London escort, and if your requests fall out of line with our rules and regulations.  Additionally, the model also has the authority to leave and go home if she feels under duress or uneasy in the presence of a particular client.

Every elite London escort checks-in regularly with Lilith and the site is updated on a daily basis.  All photos are genuine and every girl is actively partnered with Lilith.  If there is a wonderful high class escort you used to see and she is no longer on the website, please ask our receptionist because she may still be working with us but her portfolio stipulations have changed.  If you have seen an elite London escort a long time ago and you cannot remember which agency it was, then feel free to call Lilith escort agency and describe the model to the receptionist.

She will either know the exact woman or recommend several of the other VIP London escorts that we offer, that have similar physiognomy and nature. There are several individuals who have certain requirements; please talk to the receptionist first and she will act as a mediator between the London escort and the client to ensure the model is comfortable with specified requests.

All of our high class London escorts are from the age of eighteen upwards.  Each has to show a passport copy to prove their age and under NO circumstance, will we accept a London escort under the age of eighteen.  Models under the age of twenty-one will not only meet the agency, but they will talk over the phone to an experienced model who will ensure that she is confident in her decisions.  There are several VIP escorts ready to talk to models and offer advice on everything from clothing to safety.  We encourage the elite London escorts to socialise and talk to one another to form a unified front.  The models come before everything else and we cannot stress that enough on the website.

We do not take responsibility for viewers on Lilith’s site and if you are below the age of eighteen, please LEAVE the site immediately.


Hi, I am lilith, for many years I was a sensational London escort, it really felt like a lifetime but I wouldn’t change any second of my experience.

I was the best, I would always give the ultimate VIP escort experience and they all loved every moment of it; even the girls looked up to me.

Now, I  teach all the other girls how to be what I stand for, leaving a legacy behind for years to come, that Lilith escort agency has to have the most high class London escorts possible!

I round up all kinds of girls for my collection of London escorts – from stunning blonde escorts, Asian escorts, tantric massage escorts and all the exclusive touches London VIP escort agencies should have.

Now I have created a London based High-class escort Agency which specialises in the art of passionate experiences. We have the most beautiful and fun High class escorts in London and the UK. We believe that if you love what you do, then you should master it. All of our girls master and love their work.

Blonde Escorts London


Our escort girls are highly enthusiastic about their work.

They provide the best High class escort service with a lot of love and patience.

We will be happy to connect you to new escort girls in london, and also professional VIP elite escort services all over Europe.

Meet Our asian escort girls cast that will blow your mind!

So if you choose a Japanese escort, or a Chinese escort, rest assured you will be treated like an emperor.

All of our girls are independent london escort girls are providing independent escort Service and using our website as a platform for advertising.

Feel free to browse the website, appreciate and choose from our beautiful collection of Vip escort girls. Elite men deserves elite Service, they deserve a women who believe in the art of escorting.

All of our girls are discrete and fun loving.

some are perfectly compatible for dinner dates, public events and appearances, in call in their private residence or out call to your Private Hotel room or to your home if in a respectable area.

We interview each girl specifically before allowing her to publish her services in our website.

We do it in order to understand if the lady chose to be an escort because of money or because she truly enjoy the work and the excitement involved.

We only accept to our team girls who believe that being a VIP escort in London is the elite of all escorts and are mastering their role with true love to the profession.

Contact us at: edenvipescort@gmail.com