High Class London Escort Lara
High Class London Escort Lara
Elite London Escort Lara
Model London Escort Lara
5ft 6″ (165cm)
34B – 23″ – 32″
Dark Brown
Availability to travel

Lara is our health and fitness fanatic; not surprising when you see her beautiful body and glowing skin. Lara has a stunning continental look to her so you could be up all night trying to guess the origins of her sublime features. Aside from her flawless figure and youthful presence, a special mention must go to those eyes of hers. Lara’s hooded-boudoir eyes are so beautiful, they could pacify any human into submission; just remember to break eye-contact every twenty seconds, otherwise you’ll lose your senses.

Lara looks even better in life. Just so you know, her photos were taken from an iPhone.

Lara’s interests involves Yoga, dancing, painting and traveling.

Some women can never be tied to one location and this is Lara. Very much like the protagonist from the Tomb Raider series, Lara loves to travel everywhere and seek out new adventures. If there is the option of great company, then even better. However, you need to be active enough to keep up with this sporty model – no slacking! Lara’s favorite place is ‘anywhere with white sand and crystal waters’ and despite sunbathing being an all-time favorite activity when people seek to escape the harsh bite of winter, Lara loves to go snorkeling and scuba-diving. Make sure you bring a tennis racket and trainers because you will be spending only a small portion of the trip in flip-fops!

Like most artists, Lara not only enjoys going to exhibitions which display an impressive array of work from a said artist, but others that show an eclectic group of mediums – bronze & sculpture, painting, photography, chalk, gouache – from various artists that explore a concept thematically rather than an artists’ work chronologically. This is because Lara loves art in its purest form, void of contextual influences.

However, there is always a time for a hiatus from daily chores and Lara partakes in Yoga whenever she gets the chance. Yoga is one of the intrinsic elements of Buddhism and it was through her love of Buddhist principles that Lara discovered yoga. Please don’t fall into the trap of believing ‘yogis’ are no fun. Rather, they tend to be the most adaptable of individuals who are able to function on little sleep and stay calm in most situations, not forgetting that they are very flexible – in the literal sense – too. Meditation is another past-time she engages in as well as dancing for hours on end. In her own words: “you get what you sweat.”

On the more tangible aspects of her career, Lara has a strong interest in real estate and has already dabbled in this flourishing market. Besides being a fantastic painter with numerous pieces she would no doubt show you, she is also sharpening her business acumen in the world of property.

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