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The Mansion of Debauchery


A party can extend beyond the perimeter of four walls, demonstrated by the lavish yacht, airplane and submarine get-togethers one can only fantasize about. Today my darlings, we are going to keep it lightweight, especially for those of you who still think fellatio is the name of a character from Midsummer nights dream. Well, it all happened in the beautiful                  mansion…

As I entered, through the ominous wrought iron gates, whose sharp spires were softened by the thriving wisteria that grew heavily long the brick arch above, I could hear loud, rich laughter from a woman who must have been hidden somewhere in the gardens. The gravel masticated under my Chloé ballerina pumps – a wise choice of footwear, considering that I was going to change into my 10-inch Vivienne Westwood court shoes once I enter. This was a secret location with an invite-only policy, as was revealed on the VIP pass that I clutched in my hands. As much as I enjoyed the rendezvous thrown by Killing Kittens, Kinky Salon and Club Hermione, this was a ‘meeting’ that even the members of the most exclusive membership houses may have been excluded from. Forgive me for not divulging more than this but I’m sure you will understand that discretion is the best policy. How I got here? That’s no concern of yours!!!;)… need to know basis only!!… my darlings… and you don’t need to know.

As I entered the luxurious and very exquisite surroundings, I felt a touch of nerves hit me like never before [was I about to be the main attraction or the desert? Had I made a mistake and arrived a day early?].

In all the excitement and nerves, I didn’t notice the Butlers who was positioned either side of the door. One made eye contact with me, as our eyes made contact he very politely approached me and uttered those immortal words: “would madame like some help with her luggage?” And almost in the same breath, “what refreshments would madam prefer?”

I gathered my thoughts and confidence, and was led towards a huge intricately carved door, As this huge wooden French door opened, there before me laid the most gorgeous individuals seductivly in throlls of passion. One on top of another, I could see limb upon limb delighted in each others’ flesh with no fear or inhibitions.

What struck me most as the doors creaked open was the smell of hormones, and the distinct odor of debauchary that only those in the know or in the escorting business are familiar with. I grasped to take my breath and regained my poise. Fly came to greet me, took my hand and led me very carefully away from the overt mingling that was taking place. We entered a beautiful room filled with paintings by Salvador Dalí, Henri matisse and Gustav Klimt. Fly promptly opened a bottle of Dom Perignon 1962 vintage, and softly whispered to me, “take a seat darling, this is all for you my lovely.” He then added, “I don’t intend to share you with the debauchry taking place here – drink up we have the grounds and botanical gardens to see! :)


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