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Why having a mistress could make your life simpler

There are love triangles and then there are love hexagons. In the world of polygamy and extramarital affairs, having a mistress is certainly not uncommon but the popularity has increased due to the nature of the relationship – most of the time – remaining a secret.  Mistresses have been around since the dawn of civilization, from Lilith and Adam (ancient Babylonian texts) to your dad who claims to be going out to buy some more sugar, despite his diabetes.

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The best clubs for partying hard with London escorts

The combined pressures of the work environment – dealing with your passive aggressive colleagues, finalising that presentation and drinking that terrible instant coffee – can soon become overbearing. Fear not, that remedy called ‘Friday night’ always comes back to treat your symptoms and before you know it, you are planning which clubs to hit before it’s even dark…

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Why we love brunette escorts

Flaxen-haired beauties love to boast about the attention they garner from their golden locks but at Lilith, we remain staunchly loyal to brunette beauties. I mean, a beautiful blonde is an amazing, and rare, sight to behold but there is something more tantalising and alluring about a dark mane that slips through your fingers like black sand…

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Questions that generate chemistry with a VIP escort

Meeting a VIP escort for the first time can be anxious territory, not that it should be. VIP escorts in London are not only beautiful, but calm, composed, charismatic, gracious and above all, kind. However, you may want to do some mental preparation before you visit a VIP escort because their beauty can be quite overwhelming. Below are some questions that will get her brain tingling and her pupils dilating…

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