Wonderous Happenings in the New Year

Oh my goodness, New Years has just come and gone! I went to a New Years party and absolutely loved it! Let’s explain…

Guest Speaker: Cristina

I work in Investment Banking as an Executive….you don’t need to know more then that, because it’s need to know, and you really don’t need to know! My life revolves around meeting lots of clients and at times I  tend to get very well aquainted with the ones who are witty and charming, enough so to enchant me in more ways than one. Little did I know that an invitation to a New Year party would result in me experiencing the first mass carousal I have ever been in.

Could you imagine? All those beautiful people embroiled in unison as one, each taking from the other what they want and then pleasuring the other back in kind. There was so much moaning in a rhythmic manner that lalabide you in to a false frenzy of excitement; the more you allowed yourself to listen, the more seduced and hypnotized you became. I witnessed many a party goer stripping while seductivley watching the goings-on taking place. One after another, they came stripped and ready to be charmed by the mass of bodies moaning and groaning, delicately caressing the person next to them while being satisfied by the person closest to them.

It became all to much  for me! I felt a hand caress mine from the mass of bodies and then immediately, but gently, push me toward this debauched ritual – paving a route of lustful liberation – taking place.

As I transitioned to the ground, hands covered me and tugged and pulled at the hems of my clothes still left on my body. I felt soft flesh next to mine and then the distinct sound of a heart beats; all of us breathing as one. Moments later, a feeling of moist hardened delight with so much intensity, I became overcome with elation and joy. I gushed with the force as the emotions took over and my body started to convulse with jubilance.

I dont intend  to divulge anymore…..a girl has to keep some memories only for herself …..sometimes.

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