Why intimate relationships are great for your health

A paradox of life is that when something feels so good, it’s surely not so great for your health. This is not strictly true and one activity that not only makes you feel good, but boosts your physical and mental well-being, is an intimate relationship…

There will always be that one cynic that tells you intimacy is an empty concept; a result of a society revelling in over-exposure and lust. Then you will get the type of individual who has problems establishing boundaries and seeks to prey and devour without actually enjoying the nookie, I mean cookie.

1). Your immune systems is strengthened through intimacy. When you indulge in intimacy and reach a climax, a chemical called dehydroepiandrosterone is released. Dehydroepiandrosterone encourages cell renewal so getting frisky twice a week will help you live longer than your friends who disrobe every several weeks.

2). Your blood circulation is boosted every time you get / think of getting intimate. The faster the blood moves, the more dead blood cells that are shifted, which allows room for haemoglobin – the protein that carries O2 in red blood cells – to reach every tissue in your body. Remember that some areas of the body can become stuck with dead blood cells and the only way to shift them, is through extreme physical exertion. If you don’t like the gym, then you know what to do…

3). Your senses will become heightened when you get intimate. You have activated all of your nerve endings in the most biologically natural manner. When you take a shower, it’s like you’re dancing in the rain in a Bollywood movie. When you breathe in the fresh morning air, you feel as though you are Ragnar Lothbrok sitting on a Scandinavian mountain. Remember, we have seven senses so it doesn’t stop there: balance and body temperature.

4). Match-making minions will be buzzing ardently round you no matter how many times you shower.  Millions of little cupids will be working for you and shooting heart-shaped arrows at anyone who passes you. Ping! And another one bites the dust. The more frequently you get intimate, the more you accumulate these little mischievous cherubs that make others gravitate towards you. Scientists call them pheromones but I know it’s magic.

5). You will sleep so deep so if you have problems hitting the hay, then chill like a cucumber and enjoy the oxytocin released. Oxytocin is a bonding chemical but it also makes us feel incredibly relaxed and lethargic.

6). Your bones will become stronger. Both oestrogen (for women) and testosterone (for men) – which is released during intimacy – helps build the layers of the bones and prevent osteoporosis.

You can argue that getting jiggy is just human nature but in order to quash any doubts on how powerful intimacy is, glance back at history and take note from the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Vikings.  The Romans were a great example and there is a valuable lesson we can take from a civilization that almost conquered the world. The idea is to not hold back on the basic drives of a human being and one of the most celebrated aspects of their culture was intimacy.

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