Why Fashion Is Important To A VIP London Escort

It’s that time of the year again: fashion week. A fashion week is when leading brands bestow upon on us their innovative designs for the coming year that they have worked on tirelessly for the previous twelve months. However, despite the quirky catwalks - taking place in Paris, London, New York & Milan - that the media, buyers, celebrities and journalists flock to, much of the attention is focussed on who is attending and what they are wearing.
Due to the fact that many elite London escorts can afford the amazing designs that are sold in leading department stores, they will study media coverage & fashionistas Instagram posts as well as spot trendsetters in the street making their way to the prestigious events. Most women love fashion and will always appreciate a chic ensemble. 

Fashion as declaration

Fashion is a form of expression; an outlet for the mood we are experiencing and the clothes we wear can help in boosting our morale and making us feel confident. If it’s acceptable for painters, authors and dancers to use their mediums to express themselves, then why can’t a woman do so through fashion. The clothes we put together to serve as a flow of impressions that allude to what our mood is. 
Certain pieces become closet staples and London escorts have the luxury of time, and thus, are able to pick out some of the most beautiful pieces, not necessarily for a client, but for themselves. Even the colour of a woman’s manicure can indicate what frame of mind she is in.

The recent wave of women’s liberation is avoiding any apathy towards bright colours and feminine cuts. Instead, we are witnessing strong, determined women - including London escorts - who know their minds and are not afraid to celebrate their womanly curves. There is this desire to be noticed, not just intellectually, but on an aesthetic level. The London escort may be shopping for a beautiful lingerie set or a power suit, either way, she will be able to find clothes that will complement her body type and give her the confidence to make her feel sophisticated and stylish.

Getting dressed is a daily ritual for everyone and a London elite escort will want to feel her very best when she walks out her front door. However, feeling your best doesn’t always require purchasing the most expensive clothes. Many elite London escorts wear clothes that are spun from comfortable threads; soft fabrics that make you feel warm and that allow your skin to breathe. 
A fashionable piece can be confined to something as small as a ring or a keyring which serves as a reminder or a fond memory that soothes us or brings a smile to our face. A London escort girl may receive gifts in the forms of jewellery or handbags and will hold onto them for sentimental value. Comfort is key, so when a London elite escort feels at ease, she can focus on her day and accomplish more tasks. 

Our Elite London escorts adore fashion, even if it is a small segment of the industry, such as lingerie. Whether it is a specific image the escort wishes to portray or the fact that she’s going to a party with a strict dress code, she will have countless trends and suggestions at her fingertips with her smartphone. Although some women spend foolishly and the fashion industry is valued at £26bn, an outfit is pointless if the pieces are not compatible. As one leading fashion house stated: “It’s not money that makes you dress well, it’s understanding.”

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