What Kensington has to offer

Kensington, the heart of London for the escort girl who wants convenience, shopping and good food within the reach of her fingertips. The abundance of wine bars and members clubs makes it the ideal location for a Kensington escort. She will find herself in her element, and brush shoulders with all walks of life; from the movie star to B-list TV celebrities, models, casual visitors and possibly the abundently rich and glamourous.

A Kensington escort can experience bouts of busy and quiet periods, which allows her to make the most of the time in which she can use to explore Kensington London. Many individuals are aware of Kensington Palace but have they ever been inside? A Kensington escort delighted in telling me how beautiful the state apartments of Queen Mary II’s were: the systematic paintings, the ornate ceilings and the plush furniture. The King’s staircase are a must-see, and a hidden gem to show any visitor or client who is looking for a historical day out.
What use is a beautiful building if it is not surrounded by lush greenery? In a place as compact and – frequently – claustrophobic as London, it is a real treat to roam freely in a beautifully maintained garden. The park is open to the public, yet due to the plethora of ornamental flower beds, ponds, fountains, palm trees and cisterns, the park preserves its description as a secluded sanctum. Kensington Escorts love to walk the Kensington Gardens and smell the gorgeous flowers, especially when many of these beautiful girls come from countries of all walks of life and certainly from the four corners of the world that have a strong appreciation for nature. The garden can be seen as an offspring of the Hampton Court Palace Gardens; a particular type of agriculture that gave the 18th Century landscape & gardening designers inspiration that resonates in todays art and architecture
London Kensington escorts love a full day out so if park walks are your thing, then invite a Kensington escort to join you for a stroll through Hyde Park, possibly heading west to the extra 242 acres that was once part of Hyde Park: Kensington Gardens.

It is important to mention that London Kensington escorts can experience nature in a private setting – seven floors above all the dirt and grime of City London. The hidden gem in question? … Well, none other than Kensington Roof Gardens! Once in, there are many themed terraces to choose from; changing every several years. The ambience is that which the Kensington escort girls desire: the choices of cocktails, the mood lighting, the crowd and fantastic music. What drink do Kensington escorts love? I cannot speak on behalf of all of us but I’m sure a Cuban Mojito would go down very well!

Other hidden places to visit are the many small privately owned art galleries and food specialists, from exquisite cheese to fine wines. Whole Foods, located on Kensington High St., is renowned for their natural and organic produce.
An highly popular specialist importer of Italian Produce in Kensington is La Piccolo Deli in Stratford Road. Kensington escort girls love to people watch and with hundreds of thousands of people passing through Kensington everyday, a favored spot will be outside La Piccolo admiring people from all walks of life. Grab your paper, order a ciabatta and let your imagination wander as you witness the world go by with the London Kensington escort. However, if you are spending the day and evening with a Kensington escort, then look up Pavilion on Kensington High Street. The glamorous interior and fantastic service will make you feel comfortable enough to spend a few hours there – given that the company of the Kensington escort is thoroughly enjoyable.

Kensington escorts love to eat out, so much so that they will be assertive enough to recommend top restaurants in the area if you are in two minds regarding where to go. Following are a list of some of the top dining areas that London Kensington escorts love: Kitchen W8 on Abingdon Road, The Roof Gardens on Kensington High Street, The Ledbury on Ledbury Road, Kensington Square Kitchen in Kensington Square, and Olive’s Restaurant and Bar in Gloucester Road. Kensington escorts may meet up to chat over wine and olives at the Kensington Wine Rooms on Kensington Church Street but it is the Michelin star restaurants they enjoy going to most. If you are stuck for choice, then don’t feel any shame in asking the Kensington escort for advice on the best place to go to.

Museums,… we all  like the cherished childhood memories museums evoke as soon as we enter; the Kensington escort loves them for the reminiscent dates they had with an adored client. Kensington is a prime location for some of the best – subjective – museums in the world. If you are astounded by natural phenomena and love to engage in interactive sciences, then take a Kensington escort to The Natural History Museum. However, you may be leaning towards the left side of your brain and enjoy the creative arts. If this enchants you then look no further than Victoria and Albert Museum. Kensington escorts love a date that has been meticulously planned with a gentleman who takes the time out to show them the more significant aspects of our planet. The Victoria & Albert Museum needs special mention since it is London’s pioneering museum of art and design. The museum itself possesses artifacts that are over 3000 years old; such history should not go amiss.

The Kensington escort girl takes great pride in her appearance, and although women complain that staying beautiful is an arduous task, it is all the more easier when you do not have to walk further than one-hundred yards in order to find  beauty salon. Not many Kensington escorts visit the tanning salons since they visit tropical destinations frequently but the massage parlors, hair salons and manicurists are certainly kept busy by a Kensington escort girl. LAB84, Kensington High Street, is a fantastic salon with a vintage décor and spacious interior. Beauty is not just follicle deep with these enthusiasts who will provide extensive advice on hair products and after-care. Imenio beauty on Thackeray Street provides a fantastic mani & pedicure; a lovely gift for a Kensington escort who is looking for some downtime. One should never underestimate the power of colors and with a selection of 300plus colors to choose from, the London Kensington escort will always walk out that salon transfixed by her gorgeously manicured nails.
However, nothing compares to a massage – never underestimate the significance a massage is to a Kensington escort girl.  The Chelsea Spa on Kings Road is renowned for their multi-faceted therapists offering facial & massage therapy, unique treatments and manicures. Ask how the Kensington escort girl feels and if she tells you that she’s been partying hard, then book her a lymphatic drainage massage. On the contrary, if she is already relaxed but you are aware that she hits the gym frequently, then book her in for a hot stones, Thai or Swedish massage. Either way, Kensington escort girls will not say no to a massage!

Kensington escort girls are not all enthralled by the experience of being bought random gifts from gentlemen, be gracious and always hint at a shopping spree. If they desire something, they tend to purchase it themselves. There is no harm in taking her shopping to Harrods or Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge because you may pique her interest if the trip is in order to help you purchase some items and you need the opinion of a woman. London Kensington escorts rub shoulders with some of the most discerning gentleman on the planet and as a result, they have established an impeccable taste when it comes to men’s clothing. The London Kensington escort will be aware of Tom Ford, Pal Zileri, Canali, Stefano Ricci, Thom Browne, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Loro Piana and of course, Savile row.

On conclusion, when on a date with a Kensington escort, be charming, attentive, gracious, but most importantly, be yourself! It is with you she has a date, so make it memorable.

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