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So the last week was a great week for me, i had so much fun with couple of our vip elite escort models, we walked around London, drinking hot cider and wine and gossiped about everything that happened in the last year.

You wouldn’t believe the stories us London elite escorts have in our pretty little diary, To be an elite escort in London is probably the best escort experience one can have, from both the client part and the escort model ends.

You see guys? London is not just any other city and London Vip escort models are not your regular night vixen from a back street ally.. To be an elite escort in London means you get to appear in the most refined and high-class events in the city, so obviously we had so much to talk about in our new-years walk around London.

One of the Vip elite escort in our small gossip group as told us a story about a night she had with a handsome older movie-star here in Chelsea last week, we listened carefully with eyes wide open and lips just begging for more, she described step by step every second of their amazing escort date, the girls were shocked from what they heard and i must say that i blushed a bit myself, i heard many escort stories from countless elite escorts in London, but a story like the one i heard that day i never encounter, just shows you that even when you are certain nothing can surprise you anymore, a random escort come and leave you shocked like a schoolgirl.  

So i bet you would like to know thaw details of the story.. i bet you want to know everything the elite vip escort told me and the girls that day, and f course you would want to know, it was so juicy that its almost impossible for me to hold it back, almost… but not totally.

You see guys, here in Lilith it’s all about privacy and discretion, so even though we will share some details once a year among ourself, we will never tell anybody outside of our little trusty group, our clients are our family.. funny to think it i know, but this is exactly what make them come back to us for their VIP escort desires, trust.


So just believe me when i say, it was juicy.. so so juicy.


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