The untold story and forgotten history of Elite escorts in Hyde-park

Hyde park is a royal park, which means that only one century back it was packed with all kinds of the english kingdom who’s and who’s , Brave knights strolled on their proud horses throughout the beautiful rose gardens while bowing down and greeting fair maidens that are skipping around the trees with their pretty summer dresses, Kings and queens walked near the river with the fancy entourage and it indeed was a Royal park.

But in this post we will not speak about knights and kings, what i really want to talk about now is the untold story of Elite escorts in Hyde-park !

Yes yes you heard me right, there is a wide and amazing history that was completely hidden and forgotten from the public and it is the story of the wonderful Elite escorts in Hyde-park.

This is the story of Mary, a beautiful blonde escort courtesan names Mary, Mary was a tall and strikingly beautiful Elite escort that arrive to London from paris in 1803, she started her courtesan affairs with a charming young lord names Peter, that chose her out of all the elite escorts in the kingdom.

At first Peter treated her the same way that he will treat all Elite escorts, with respect and admiration, but never with romantic feelings or god forbid true love.

But one day the young lord heard was filled with love toward the beautiful elite escort and he decided to Elite escortsask for her hand in marriage .

Mary was exited from the depts of her soul and happily agreed his proposal and life seamed to be going toward a beautiful place for the young loving couple.

But than, one day, the young lord mother discovered about her son engagement, she heard it by accident from the kitchen maids gossips.

And of course the mother could never allow a union as this to take place.
How could she agree her lovely boy marrying and Elite escort?
So she kicked her out of her chambers and forbided her from ever approaching her son.

And the days went by… the young lord married another and even had few kids with her..
He was not happy in his marriage and often thought about his beautiful elite escort and their wonderful time together. but life had continued and love was not in sight.

Than one day, while he was walking around Hyde-park, he heard a noise from the bushes, he heard my love , my love. He went to investigate and to his surprise, there she was! his beloved mary.

What are you doing here he asked? I was here waiting… for you, i’v been coming here through a break in the fance, everyday, for years, hoping to see you and i will come back here everyday, if you will keep coming to visit me.

And ever since than, the young lord and his beautiful Hyde-park escort have been reunited again and even though the lord stayed married , he was having his true love alive, his honest secret had it place, over the gentle grass of hyde-park .

Hyde-park escorts – Royal service.

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