Top five outdoor pools in London

It’s getting warmer my friends 😉

I am so excited that I have already made room for my summer attire by emptying my wardrobe of the winter garments, and selling them on eBay.

I have an entire drawer dedicated to colorful bikinis and before you make any presumptions, these pieces are for prancing on the beach in Puerto Vallarta or sunbathing on a sunseeker in St. Tropez, think again…

There is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing by a pool whilst watching the hustle and bustle of a city as vibrant as London buzzing below. You would think that people would just plan a day at the beach in Cornwall but these swanky rooftop pools get booked up so quickly, even during the day. Let’s skin through some of the best rooftop pools London has to offer…

Shoreditch House is a must-experience. The food served by the pool is delicious – the macaroni cheese dish especially – and the red and white striped loungers embody the 1920s appeal. With the pantry bar, you will feel like you’re reliving F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby. Whatever you do, just don’t jump in the pool with your clothes on. Although the staff are gracious enough to slip a robe over your naked foolishness and tumble-dry your clothes, they take idiocy so seriously that you will probably have your membership suspended for six months minimum.

We have heard of the room ‘with a view’ but what about the pool with the stunning field of vision? The rooftop at The Berkeley is divine; built with a Tuscan theme in mind. Similar to the suite at the 45 Park Lane, the pool at the Berkeley offers a panoramic view of Hyde Park; a sight far more impressive when seen from above.  What a better way to spend a lazy afternoon than with a high class escort, dipping in and out of hydration, whilst admiring the wonders of London’s organised nature.

Talking about nature, let’s re-visit Hampstead’s ponds. If it was good enough for Katherine Hepburn, then it’s good enough for a gorgeous high class escort. The more research you put in, the more impressed the said escort girl will be. Take a picnic hamper and relax on the fields, intermittently running to the dock for a dive.

Last is London’s Lido. Unlike most outdoor pools, this pool is heated so that you need not worry about the English sun weaving in and out of the clouds, causing irritating temperature rises and drops. The pool is 50m long which makes a huge difference to a 25m pool if you are swimming with a fitness agenda. Warning: this venue gets so busy in the peak of summer so make sure you park up a space with your towel before 10am. Take a sporty escort girl for a morning swim and then head over to Broadway Market to pick up some delicious treats to devour in the London Fields afterwards.

Try at least one of the above recommended pools this summer with an outgoing high class escort. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

– Alicia

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