The High-Class Escorts Summer

The days were sunny, like today – humid with not so much as a cool summer breeze to help with the stifling weather. Being the self-sufficient high class escort that I am, decided to pack my bags and head for a cooler part of the world. Within my bags were summer outfits and plenty of sunscreen. I was off to romantic Sardinia for – what I was hoping would be – a wonderful time on  the beach, and time to delight myself in ogling the local talent  – that’s what an high class escort does best!!

I managed to get to the airport in record time; feeling so excited to be flying out. I seemed to be in a daze, as one goes through the motions of showing ones passports when queuing up to board. As I waited patiently to board, there came upon me that feeling one gets of being observed in a very intense manner.

In order to rid myself of this feeling of intensity, I found myself turning to my right, only to have a rather podgy man with a charming kind face smiling back at me. He politely requested if he could help me with my hand language. I happily agreed and as we boarded, we made polite conversation. He introduced himself  and – for confidential reasons we shall call him Brad, dropped a compliment on my lagoon-green eyes. I graciously thanked him and departed but it was only once I had taken a seta on the plane, that I realized he was heading straight for the seat next to me. “Could this be destiny?” I thought to myself. Needless to say, we got on famously, and as the plane took off, we were so engrossed in conversation that time flew by and before we knew it, we found ourselves preparing to land.

Upon landing Brad was very much the gentlemen, however, as we were about to part, he turned to me and insisted I have dinner with him that evening. I tend to normally decline such offers…nevertheless, Brad was different: he made me feel feminine, and I had been laughing throughout the plane journey.


Dinner time came so quickly, and after the phone by the bedside table buzzed to inform me that my limousine had arrived, I rushed downstairs and jumped into the car to be whizzed off to my destination.
Brad’s home was beautiful; it had views near the beach to die for. Brad, himself, came running down the welted large staircase with an excited look on his face –  I could tell he was very happy to see me.  We quickly moved to the table and as the wine poured, the conversation flowed and reached topics that I dare not mention. Things that happen on holiday should always be kept as perfect memories and not to be shared!! :)

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