Sprung by Spring

Fashion is unabashedly upbeat during the Spring season. From the exacerbated use of bright colours, namely pink, yellow, green and blue, to bare shoulders, frilly cottons, heavy jewellery and a-symmetric cuts; there is no such thing as a misguided zeal during the Spring fashion season. It’s time to build up your wardrobe and purchase additional items that boast meticulous stitching and daring cuts.

Spring fashion continued…

Stay feminine

The most memorable looks are classic and feminine. Dressing like a woman need not involve high stilettos and body-con dresses. In fact, drawing attention to one of the following: collar bone, ankles, wrists, neck and jawline, can be more alluring and graceful than wearing an outfit that leaves little to the imagination. Poplin shirt dresses, off-shoulder tops, baby-doll dresses and long earrings are a must-have this season.

Be comfortable and stylish

If you are too coy to explore all the colours on the palette, then opt for the pastel translations of the hues you normally wear. This allows you to transition smoothly into lighter shades. Those who stick to minimal contrast between colours, should focus on eccentric cuts to demonstrate a turn of the season. For example, high waisted twill trousers with an oversized silk tank top tucked in will show you have the waist of an angel and the modesty of a nun. Loose clothing clinched in at the waist is effortlessly beautiful and oozes confidence.
Another tip for women who do not like to experiment with colours but enjoy Spring fashion playtime is to wear white cotton shirts of interesting cuts: butterfly, princess vest, tuxedo, smock, gypsy, sailor, peplum, cossack, tunic etc.


If you seek outfits that transition from day wear to evening wear whilst looking commanding, sleek and comfortable, then opt for jumpsuits. Jumpsuits with a tapered leg or three-quarter-length culottes have remained a true game player on the catwalks for the past three years. This look is perfect for the woman on the go; it’s easy to put on, yet incredibly chic. Pair a silk, linen or cotton jumpsuit with a pair of complementary-coloured ballerina pumps and you are good to go. Try to purchase ballerina pumps with an in-built arch support so that you can run around all day and not compromise your posture.

Remember, dressing in masculine themes can be carried off beautifully if half the outfit is feminine. Make-up should be minimal and fresh, like the morning dew on the Spring daffodils – get it?

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