Some of the best Airports in the World

As a frequent flyer and busy elite escort, I spend a great deal of time in airports and hotels. As a result, I appreciate a well built, safe, luxurious and convenient airport that makes me feel like my holiday has already begun. Not to be mistaken for the busiest airports, read on to find out which runway makes me feel the most glamourous…

Stunning airports that this elite escort loves to spend time in 
I recently visited Japan so it’s surprise that Tokyo Narita International Airport is at the forefront of my memory. What I noticed were that the choice of cuisine was extensive and all of extremely high quality. I am one of those individuals who are too scared to eat shellfish at an airport but when Japan is concerned, I trust them wholeheartedly when ordering sashimi. Elite escorts need not feel uncomfortable eating alone in bars and restaurants there due to the high traffic of businessmen – whom are also traveling solo – floating through the airport like an endless stream of punctuation marks.
It is worth mentioning the shopping experience in NRT because whether you are passing through or staying in Japan, you need to see the unique Japanese high street fashion brands. Western names are universal but unfortunately, some amazing brands such as Neighborhood, WTAP, Undercover and Wacko Maria are not in many shopping capitals, let alone airports. Don’t waste time and shop to your heart’s content.

Whilst I’m on themes relating to the Far East, I hasten to add that my next favourite airport is Singapore Changi International Airport. The vicinity boasts stunning landscape architecture comprising of five themed gardens that blend in with the contemporary glass architecture, timber walkways and a waterfall to form a utopian oasis. I spent a great deal of time in the two-storey stunning butterfly gardens and rooftop sunflower gardens which are tended by over two-hundred agriculturalists.
If you are there for over 48 hours, then check in at one of the Ambassador Transit Hotels or book tickets at the cinema for a film marathon. Don’t be concerned about sold out tickets because there are four cinemas!
I was especially drawn to the two ‘Kinetic Rain’ sculptures that show 1216 raindrop-shaped, lightweight aluminum copper-plated mouldings moving up and down hundreds of strings, forming 16 different shapes. It looked like a harp with dew drops running up and down it – I stood for at least 20 minutes watching it. It’s truly beautiful and if you are sad to be leaving Singapore, you will be glad to know that this installation is situated in the check-in hall of Terminal 1 of your departure.
The airport, though already voted best in the world for the past five years, is undergoing an architectural face lift, where by 2018, the enterprise will be catapulted into competing with some of the best architectural designs in the world, not just other airports.

The next best airport I’ve visited is the Hamad International Airport in Doha. The space is huge (9th largest airport in the world) and like NRT, LHR, DIA, the capacity is 50 million passengers per year. The airport looks compact, designed liked a three-dimensional wave but within it are 1oo buildings.
Putting aside the fact it has 80 designer stores, an in-port hotel and leading contemporary artwork along the concourse, I was most drawn to the lighting of the area. With close to 2,000 lighting poles, the airport – from take off – looks like a glowworm. What’s even better is that the floors and utilities are thoroughly clean making the reflection all the more pronounced. Passengers move in and out swiftly and efficiently so there are no campers on the benches bumping into crowds. Excessive space is never a bad thing and due to the airport being one large extravaganza, you just go with the flow and absorb the fantastical architecture and facilities.

It is predicted that in five years time, most airports will work autonomously in the terminal area and that human employees will only be called upon for flyers who need extra assistance.

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