Several Ways to Relax in the Heat

Summer has crept up on us putting even the most cynical of individuals in a good mood. However, when the heat rises, our moods swing, as well as our tolerance levels. Below are some practical tips to keep you both calm and refreshed whilst basking in the rays…

How to relax in the summer heat 

Protect your skin and invest in a good sunscreen with a minimum of 30SPF. Once you block the harmful rays, running around in the heat is easy and your days will extend through to the night, bar you having to go home to refresh. The face creams in Space NK offer non-greasy and light products that are worth every penny.
Although they don’t have an SPF, face mists may sound futile when you can splash your face with water but there is something rather special about feeling a rejuvenating light spray of rose-infused water on your visage – heaven take me now!

Celebrated for the managements of certain body conditions – such as fatigue, musculoskeletal pains, acne and post-operative therapy, massages are popular but still highly underrated. The Yoga-like stretching techniques and soothing aromatic oils utilized in a Thai massage will keep you calm and stabilize your cortisol levels. The oils will also help heal any sun damage you may have experienced. After a massage and a cold shower, you will sleep like a log and wake up feeling ready to face the next day.

Deodorants are full of chemicals that can hinder your mood – trust me, I’m thirty years ahead when it comes to these facts. Instead of purchasing endless bottles of anti-perspirant, turn your attention to fine fabrics that allow your skin to breathe: linen, sea island cotton, Egyptian cotton and seersucker cotton.

For those of you with a lounge-lizard frame of mind who adore experiencing their gardens bloom in the summer, grab a few bottles of Chianti, and get the charcoal out for an incredible barbecue. Kick back, sip your extra-dry Martini and reminisce of the times you moaned like a brat when it was raining.

Lades and gentleman, be aware that the nights will be muggy. Invest in a very good fan, or if money is no object, get the latest Dyson’s high quality air conditioning.

Summer is a time where everyone seems to procreate, and let’s be honest: we, all of us, are no different. Push forward the romance and get hot and sweaty!

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