Reasons You Became a Regular

A VIP escort may have had a wonderful time with a certain client, but what factors would keep her thinking about the gentleman afterwards, especially if she’s already treated like a princess by her regulars…

Behavioral traits and gestures that sweep a VIP escort off her feet
There is an agreement that has been made prior to the meeting – act in accordance and don’t dilly dally, wiffle waffle when she walks in through the door. If you show you are serious, then so will she and you can both enjoy time spent together without her feeling anxious and dubious. Be the client that makes her feel at ease, because when you are extra nice and play fair, she will reciprocate and sing your praises to her stunning friends. Play carrot and stick and you will end up playing alone in the corner.

Be hygienic: it always wins a girl’s favor and heart when you look the part. Preferable would be a scent that doesn’t overpower the senses of the VIP escort, rather acts as an olfactory rendering of your meeting.

Shake her hand and ensure, like all gentleman, your nails are prim and skin is soft – girls notice these things.

Always shower her with practical compliments about sometimes the most mundane things. For example, London escorts take a great deal of time and effort on manicures, so commend her nail colour or the shape of her hands. This helps build a lasting bond and will make the VIP escort warm to you.

Simple manners are free, we are all taught them and whether we advocate them and take the time to endorse them in practical life is our own choice. However, always remember that a VIP escorts is accustomed to the very best clientele, so always open the doors and take out her seat so she may sit first. Allow her to choose the wine and please pour her glass first. Don’t forget to walk her to the entrance as the date comes to a conclusion. We all know the best behaved boys always get the candy!!

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