Questions that Generate Chemistry with a VIP Escort

Meeting a VIP escort for the first time can be anxious territory, not that it should be. VIP escorts in London are not only beautiful, but calm, composed, charismatic, gracious and above all, kind. However, you may want to do some mental preparation before you visit a VIP escort because their beauty can be quite overwhelming. Below are some questions that will get her brain tingling and her pupils dilating…

Questions to ask a VIP escort
Ask the vip escort what hobbies she has and you may be pleasantly surprised. Some of the VIP escorts in London are involved in myriad activities that range from horse riding, to pastry making and even singing. Creating is what sustains humans and it is important that we entertain ourselves in an imaginative manner.
Whether she is in full or part-time employment, try to steer away from questions about work. I’m sure the last thing you want to talk about is quantitative easing if you are a policy maker. You can get a thorough insight into what her priorities, values and ambitions in life are if you ask her what her dream job would be. The nature of the activity tells you a great deal about the vip escort and whether she is an intro- or extrovert.

A great question to ask is what she has read lately. If she doesn’t read, ask her what music she likes to listen to. Everyone listens to music, whether they are at the gym, on the way to work or just relaxing at home. You never know, you may end up comparing playlists and being introduced to artists you never heard of.

London VIP escorts travel a great deal, maybe more than you! Asking her where the best place she has recently travelled to enables the conversation to flow with narrative renditions of the best massages she experienced, most beautiful sunsets she’s seen and the kindest people she’s encountered. Live through the experiences of each other, especially if one has focussed on traveling in the Far East, whereas you ventured into Latin America during your gap year. The answers you receive also give an insight into what her interests are, how adventurous she is and how adaptable she is in foreign territory. Who knows? You may feel inspired to book the VIP escort again and take her with you on holiday.

Take a pre-emptive strike and ask the London vip escort if she would like to meet again. This is assertive yet unassuming; a balance that is irresistible to women. You cannot deny chemistry, and if you felt it there, then feel no fear when asking. Acting with sincerity and manners makes any vip escort relax and be herself fully – the true girlfriend experience.

It goes without saying, do not get too personal with the questions where you pry at which university she studied at or whether the name you know her by is real. Please understand that discretion works both ways and an elite escort will reveal any personal details on her own volition only. There are many types of rendevouz but having a liaison with someone you’ve seen more than once can offer a space for free talking without fear of being judged, and we all need someone to talk to.

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