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As of late, we have been receiving applications from girls that are spilling with information about herself; describing her profile in every medium possible: pictures, videos, links to her facebook and instagram account and university photos sent by private, in addition to university, email accounts. This is not good. If we like the photos and feel the girl is responsible, then we drop her a call to discuss her expectations. Your photos do not need to be professional, yet your attitude towards your own privacy needs to be responsible due to our own discreet clientele. Quick selfies and a brief description of your background and personality is enough.

We are aware that many women read the blogs; women who are intrigued and want to read about the tracks of an escort. Every time Chloé picks up business cards in Park Lane, and the employees hear “Lilith,” ears prick up and several girls from the corner office, slowly turn their heads to peek, then smile coyly and quickly spin back around when she makes eye contact.

Discretion is KEY

If you are thinking of applying to an agency, then consider the pointers below:

1. Look at an agency that sticks within one common band of pricing, and who don’t waver more than %15 lower than that margin. There will be escorts that have significantly higher rates than £600, but those who have girls at a high rate but are also willing to go much lower with other models means they are likely to pressure you to lower your fees if a client persists.
An agency that services very low to high prices is an indication that they are not boutique or exclusive, and neither will they take security measures to ensure the client is safe – anything goes as long as they can close a booking. The same applies to an agency that has over one hundred escorts on the page; you can guarantee that the agency doesn’t meet them and would go MIA if you ever had a problem and needed help.

2. A few grammar mistakes can be forgiven, but pages and profiles that look like the person writing them could not even write their own name slowly with a stick in wet sand, should be avoided. If the girl is blonde but the description says brunette, then do you really think the agency will listen to you when you describe the type of client you do NOT want to meet.
NB. Excuse certain sentences that may sound awkward, for example: “Elite escorts London love to….” This is because of search engine optimization requirements, so it’s a purposeful – lack of – preposition error that cannot be rectified else the ranking of the site would suffer.

3. If you ring the agency, and they are rude and not willing to offer advice on photography or whether or not that particular agency is suitable for them, then don’t waste your time applying. It’s a life-changing decision, and any advice a new girl can get is valuable.

4. No agency should encourage you to lower your rates, it’s rude and mostly ignorant on their part. The same goes for an agency who asks you to lie about your nationality because they believe you would be more appealing under the guise of another. You should have the power to control how you are perceived, and if your profile is not compatible with one agency, it definitely will be with another. Remember, each agency has a certain style and specific genre of clientele. In the age of contorted faux-feminism, we are led to believe men are simple and basic creatures, this is simply not true. Not all men want a ‘fantasy from Playboy,’ but sometimes someone authentic and interesting.

5. If an agency displays the services of a girl, it will attract the type of client who is riddled with perversions; the type who has difficulty setting boundaries. Instead of a gentleman’s proposal in the Curia Julia, the agency has demoted themselves to wrestling wilderbeasts in the Colosseum – yes, the thumbs down from me.
Should I have said that? No, but I don’t care because no one was there to point me in the right direction when I started.

6. If you are applying, then set up a fake email account and think of a nom de plume. You can be a fully proficient escort without clients, agencies or madams ever knowing your real name or details. If a client persists, then give him another fake name to throw him off the scent. The less people know, the better. If you are asked to go abroad, then book your tickets yourself and send a copy of the receipts and tickets (with a blurred name) – as proof – to the agency. You can set up a small business account with an accountant so that when agencies or madams send you money, they will never know your actual name. It’s funny how madams and agencies love to invite themselves into your homes and find out everything about you, yet you never know anything about them.

7. Look on Google and see if any women in the public eye are connected to a specific madam or agency. If so, it means that that particular establishment sold out to the newspapers just to promote themselves at the expense of her future. You need to stay away from these parasites.

8. Send simple selfies or professional photos. Do not send a private photo that is anywhere else on the internet. Google image search can find that photo, on any social media outlet, and then reveal your name.

9. Get a separate phone for work. Technology has come a long way, to the extent that it doesn’t even ask our permission when mixing information with other servers; Siri is not your friend.

10. Do not send videos. If you are beautiful, your pictures are enough. Agencies who asks for your video, will send them because they are too lazy to describe a girl, and they think they are being innovative by showing the model in motion. You are not a Ferrari at a car show so don’t succumb to this low form of  ‘advertising.’ The home video of you in heels and a bathing suit dancing, not only looks tacky, it runs the risk of being circulated.

11. Do not allow agencies or madams in your house. If there is pressure, pretend you have an in-house flatmate or boyfriend, who don’t appreciate visitors. The more you let your guard down, the more favors they ask; favors that are not your job. The agencies are great for work but give them too much attention, they become like zombies that come to feast on gossip.

12. Do not send applications from your university email account. All the mail of students goes through a vetting process once a week in order to catch out dealers of narcotics and other serious issues. Although an escort is legitimate in the eyes of the law, people still love to gossip. Once the bored IT support team receive something to talk about, you have a problem. If one of the IT support team members takes a fancy to you, it’s game over.
The above list is written to help keep you on track. First and foremost, always trust your instinct, it’s rarely wrong.

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