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Escorting is art, and Vip elite escort should be the Sistine Chapel! London is an ancient and beautiful city, It is known throughout the world for its class and Royal marvel, so when you think about pleasuring yourself by inviting a VIP elite escort while in London, then you better make sure you invite a Lady that would appreciate the status and opportunity of being A first class fantasy in the royal capital of the western civilisation.

Here at Lilith, we believe in erotica, we believe in making memories, we enjoy the sexual tension and consider each encounter as an adventure, rest assured knowing that each one of our girls shares the same philosophy and are making each meeting to a work of art.

And why, should you ask? because i believe that when we master what we love and give it as service then work and play become one.. and isn’t that the dream?

Come slowly—Eden Lips
unused to thee
Bashful sip thy jasmines
As the fainting bee

Reaching late his flower,
Round her chamber hums
Counts his nectars—alights
And is lost in balms

Come slowly - Eden by Emily Dickinson

It’s a kind of excitement that you can’t experience unless you did it yourself, and the life of VIP London Escort is fascinating and beyond the limits of imagination, to be able to be in an intimate situation with complex successful men such as the ones I am constantly meeting is fascinating and an exciting adventure.

Sometimes while getting ready to meet the gentleman i get a gentle warm feeling in my stomach and skin, like a wave of secret naughty vibe.. and when it comes, i let it take over me, I let it take over me totally.

And then when the wave has consumed me, I find myself under the control of the secret naughty vibe, then I know, I am Lilith.. at this moment of time, I am the essence of lust!

From the moment, i feel l lilith with me, as a Pleasant caressing feminine Spirit, touching and kissing my neck, breast and waste throughout the entire journey toward my designated one time Lover.


Featured Image from Unsplash

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