Lingerie brands whose names are synonymous with high-end luxury

One of the most intricate and beautiful types of clothing today, lingerie is a fashion phenomenon in itself where all boundaries and be pushed and even broken; where even the subtle and demure lines can have just as much an impact as the more racy delicious fusions…

One of the problems with society today is that we take everything at face value, so much, to the extent that we never take the time to explore a little further to find out what lies beneath and because of this unfortunate inference, many women believe there is no point in making a huge amount of effort when it comes to lingerie. (It’s no wonder the escorting industry is booming).

Men are not ignorant when it comes to fine fabric and just as they can splash £3000 plus on a dashing suit from Saville Row, they can easily purchase twice the value at La Perla for their other half. This is why an escort should make a huge effort when she picks her under-wear.

I’m going to briefly discuss two lingerie brands that strike the balance between racy and classy. I am not saying this is the style you should opt for as an elite escort, but coming from a man, I will tell you what makes me completely forget about the World Cup or my morning assignment with Latham & Watkins.

First up is Agent Provacateur (AP). AP is my favourite and although this name is spoken of so much that I cannot hear the word ‘agent’ in a serious statement without thinking of spandex, silk elastic, floral lace, swiss satin guipure embroidery – STOP IT! Where was I? Damn. Ok, AP was started in 1994 by a creative couple who sought to break the market which at the time was inundated with fuddy duddy safe underwear. The rest is history and I can hands down say their product get’s me the most…h-eated. Leading onto my next obsession: La Perla.

La Perla, one of the most coveted lingerie brands in the world, was inaugurated in the 1950’s and they can thank their self-proclaimed Italian roots for their supreme craftsmanship. They pull off designs that other brands cannot such as horizontal designs and the colours are never loud but soft and sultry. The designs on the laces are just exquisite and the shapes are unique and flatter every shape of woman.

Agent Provacateur is the hyperactive girl that wants to have a good time regardless (think Rihanna) and La Perla is the mafioso wife who will show you prolonged moments of extreme pleasure on the condition that you prove yourself – think Michelle Pfeiffer from Scarface. Does that even make sense?

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