Independent: To do, or Not to do

No decision is set in stone when working as an high class escort, so although some ladies start off in the agency domain, they may work as an independent later, or vice versa. There are cases when an high class escort works for both but she operates from different pictures – that’s entirely her prerogative.

Below are brief pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to work for an agency or as an independent high class escort…

Working with an escort agency – the pros
An escort agency will handle all the admin and advertising, which means the high class escort will not have to venture out onto the multi-layered world of the world wide web in order to attract clients. Escort agencies will be registered with advertising platforms aimed solely at the adult market. Several agencies will have their own twitter – and in some cases, Instagram – accounts, which reaches new clients.
The next thing to consider is safety. Although some escort agencies become so busy that they fall into complacency mode, a good escort agency will screen the client over the phone with various questions and verification checks.
Escort agencies are an established business, and if not, they fizzle out pretty quickly due to the high competition. However, alway use your instinct and if you feel off about an agency owner, no matter how successful they claim to be, don’t work with them. Don’t forget to only meet them in a public place, like a hotel lounge, restaurant or coffee bar.

Working as an independant – the pros

Independent high class escorts – the operative word being “independent” – have full autonomy over who, what, how and when. They work entirely for themselves and do not need to answer to anyone… which in a way, means they are much more assertive and confident in their decision making process, and why not? The independent high class escort can choose how to advertise herself, and decide whether or not she sees a client again. Independent high class escorts have an instinct which is not clouded by any incentives or manipulation; you are your immediate protector, so by default you are more stringent over the phone. As a result, you become a very sharp judge of character with anyone and everyone you meet, inside and outside the escorting world. Everything goes to you and you don’t need to make unnecessary friends – acquaintances more like.

It’s entirely up to you and what your lifestyle entails, as well as what mark you are looking to achieve in this field. If you are still unsure, I suggest you speak to a confidential charity who will provide you with concrete answers and complete honesty regarding what to expect. Remember: people who tell you they’re an expert, tend to run away when they hear of the authorities, and that speaks volumes.

Don’t take risks – consult a charity first (see Google), and use an alias if you want to stay completely private.

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