Hottest destinations in the world (continued)

…as a continuum from yesterday, I am up early to reel off other enticing destinations to go to with an escort.

Now, where were we? Ah, yes! We finished with Jamaica so let’s shift the gear from one to five and move on from slow cricket and piña coladas, to the land of artificial intelligence and pure animation: Tokyo, Japan. Now there are so many things to see in Japan, and by the time you have come back home, it will take you a day to let your magical merry-go-round experience really sink in.

Tokyo’s Kabukicho’s area is filled with love motels with staff who love to dress up and role play. Ever met a great chick abroad and you just want to have safe fun and then disappear without having to bump into that person again, only she’s brought her family to meet you too, who are holidaying with her at the same resort? This doesn’t happen in Japan. One minute three girls are on your arm and the next minute you wake up in a fresh bed with your elder maid Kyoko bringing your breakfast on a tray to your lap. She may think your are a bit of a douche but you will never know because the Japanese women are some of the most polite and measured women in the world.
There are numerous naked karaoke bars within Kabukicho, where funnily enough, more people are interested in your singing capabilities rather than the clout you carry beneath your belt-line.
An escort may love this type of scene, depending on who you take – of course, but I would suggest that you break up the trip and show her you have a sentimental side. Take her during the cherry blossom season from March to April, or take her on the Helicopter ride that cruises Tokyo at night. Whatever you do, don’t start drawing parallels between the lady you are with and the geisha girls of Japan.

Next up is Mykonos, Greece. Opa, my friends! I have talked to many well-travelled people, and they have not been able to discuss Greece without releasing a happy sigh when describing it’s sunsets and the warmth of the people.
The women are as sweet as the baklava;  if you are into bird-watching. The reason I say this is because I am a confident woman who is not naive either. Men love to look and so do women, and frankly, it’s ok. If countries had a voice, then we would have to stay in our hometown and renounce our passports in case we dared speak of the time we visually cheated on her – Royal Britannia – to go sightsee on the dangerous curves of the Waipi’o’ Valley’s of Hawaii.
Paradise beach is where the young cosmopolitan crowd hang out. Parties start at 4pm and go on all night, so I commend you if you make it to your hotel in time for breakfast.

The Maldives comes in at number one on the list and although it’s a cliché, it is without doubt stunning. However, if you want exclusivity, then you visit the islands of Mauritius. The beaches are serene with white sand that reach half a mile into the almost transparent sky blue waters, coupled with fantastic food, the exclusive feel of a resort where very few people go. There is a quaint serene feeling. You will arrive back in London with the finest of tans and a recharged battery. Please keep it an open secret 😉

I reserve the right to make it comprehensively clear that this entire holiday blog is based solely on my opinion.
Should you have the most ghastly of times, and decide to refer to back to my blog, please be advised that it was your ludicrous idea to visit the location.

Thank you very much, I am glad we have an understanding on the matter.

With much love and affection, Miss Panda Eyes xxx


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