The hottest destinations to go to with a beautiful elite escort

In a previous post, one of the girls proposed several ideas on where to take an escort in the UK. Yes, these small trips through the veins of one of the most powerful cities in the world can be fun; including the rural delight of London’s suburbs. On the contrary, we are adults and I am more inclined to talk about the food on a long-haul Emirates flight as opposed to the fresh smell of cow dung in Surrey – sorry Felicity. Instead of bagging strawberries in the countryside, you should opt for collecting frequent flyer miles and racking up your trophy list of all the places you’ve wanted to go to. You may have never had the time, or someone suitable to go with; that’s where Lilith comes in.

Every travel fantasy can be fulfilled so stop ogling Instagram and riding off your mate’s experience. Pick up that phone and get planning.
This is going to be a long post so I shall discuss all twenty locations over the next couples of days. The reason I chose so many is due to you high-flying gentleman having been to most famous geographical locations. And for all you facetious lot who claim to have been everywhere: business travel does not count.

Cap D’agade, France, is basically a pilgrimage for all Hedonists. The ‘naked city’ is a place where clothing is optional, not only on the beach but in the streets as well – hello! However, one must cover up when they are in restaurants.
On the subject of lack of clothing, Trinidad and Tobago have a fantastic carnival in March. Carnivals welcome a flurry of beautiful women with not very much clothing on, as most the effort is put into the hats.  The clothes they do have on, you can be sure they are handmade masterpieces made by the locals. Never forget that elite escorts love to dance, especially in the sun.

Do you like sweet and sour soup or running in the rain? If so, you must visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The national parks in the United States are as glorious as the luxury hotels based within. The Amangani Hotel is a wonderful option, where you can visually consume nature’s magnificence of mountains under blankets of untouched snow, whilst you bathe in their hot and steamy outdoor pool. In a place this gorgeous, even Jack Frost would have a chance with me.

You liked that didn’t you? Let’s cool the heat before we start a fire and move onto Iceland! Can the word ‘”Iceland” and “enticing” be in the same sentence? Indeed, it can. The public bathing facilities are thanks to the hot springs that were created by Mother Nature accidentally in 1976. You will feel great too because the springs have specific minerals and exfoliating salts that are great for the skin.

Time to warm up the scene and move onto pretty Seychelles. There are 115 romantic and desolate islands that are ideal for taking an escort. Bear in mind, if you don’t like peace and quiet, this is not a great destination for you but if you love hazy sunsets, long island tea and glistening waves, then look no further…

….until your eyes set on the magical beaches of Negril, Jamaica. All things hot and spicy come from Jamaica. Come to the island where you can meet different individuals from all over the world and stimulate your senses. Fetish and fantasy nights are rife in the land of Jerk chicken, and the all-inclusive resort for those who like to cross the boundaries, should stay at Hedonist II.

…the delightful list is to be continued tomorrow…

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