Tell me what hotels are good for booking an escort

There is such fierce competition amongst hoteliers in London that there have been a surge in premium hotels opening in order to pique interest from those who like to accommodate themselves in stylish surroundings. If you are a member of the HotelClub with MasterCard, you can find fantastic recommendations before a New York Times journalist writes about it and you have to wait eight months for a room. Innovation is now key with new players, especially as the old establishments can ride the ever-strong traditional wave where the older they get, the more appealing they become; The Dorchester being a prime example of this. The tree outside the hotel is already 200 years old, that’s almost as old as Madonna.

Anyway, some clients ring the agency to plan their stay in London and they ask which hotel is ‘safe’ or ‘appropriate’ to book an escort. The truth is every hotel is fine with you booking an escort. Some have mandatory checking procedures where they photocopy a passport of the girl but they are in the minority whose strict policies fall in durations of landmark events such as the Olympics or some pretentious rowing race along the Thames cheered on by Hooray Henry’s.

Although there may be a few raised eyebrows when a girl walks in the foyer, you can ask the agency which would be the most discreet escort to walk through the doors. However, you may be the sort of gentleman who likes ketchup with his pizza and you request an escort to wear the loudest clothing possible. I recommend the former because confidentiality and discretion are wise attributes to endorse in life.

The Soho Hotel

This is a stunning and incredibly comfortable hotel filled with a the constant hype of creatives. Everyone is eccentric there and, as a result, a girl walking in on her own will not even turn one head. People are too busy talking about themselves and their latest accomplishments. Do you know who I am? No, not really… The cocktails there are supposedly off the charts and the staff are incredibly friendly.

The Corinthia Hotel

The architecture inside is mind-blowing and you will be surprised how many times you’ve probably walked past and not even noticed it’s a hotel. The facade resembles some sort of governmental head quarters but the reality is they have two premium restaurants, incredible bars and a utopian plush spa. During the olympics, most the ambassadors and heads of state stayed here. This hotel is a hidden gem wrapped up with cool urban architecture within and outstanding welcomes.

The Connaught

This Connaught resembles Van Helsings castle the moment you walk in. The outside is symmetrical and simplistic but the inside looks like a cleverly crafted labyrinth. Period restoration coupled with contemporary designs is a sublime combination. People book wedding receptions and cocktail parties frequently there and it is fair to say, there is no pin drop moment when someone walks in.

Good luck and remember: if you ever get stuck for choice regarding London’s most luxurious hotels, a good guideline will be found in articles within the Condé Nast publications.

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