High Class Black Companions

The heavens have bestowed upon us one black and two mixed race models; all of whom are exclusive to the escort agency. These high class escorts are incredibly discreet and are beavering away at university or setting up their respective businesses.

Although it is a shame they cannot be seen online –  due to the field of work they are each engaged in, I can hand on heart tell you that they are some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life. Oluchi can thank her South African and German heritage for her outstanding features; Genvieve is Trinidadian, with the body of a goddess, and Charlotte is a mix of Namibian and Italian – Mamma mia is an understatement!

Black Beauties at Lilith Escort Agency 
High class ebony escorts have gorgeous skin tones which can range from olive, clay, cinnamon, honey, caramel, bronze, dusk, topaz, amber, nutmeg, sand, sienna, carob, hazelnut and the list goes on. Ebony escorts have flawless skin and they can look just as good, if not more stunning, without make up.
High class black escorts don’t just have tight skin; their bodies are always toned, with endless legs and long waists, as well as elegant shoulders. Feminine hands and feet must not go unnoticed, with their long fingers always painted in the most tantalizing colours – I speak from experience. When they smile, they smile with the warmth of a Grecian sunset; when they laugh, their excitement and giggles can elevate any mood. Their voice is smooth, confident and an overall reflection of a woman who knows what she wants and how she likes it.
The ebony escorts here at Lilith have the most wonderful features, boasting cherry ripe lips, feline eyes, defined cheekbones and wavvy long black hair or curly honey-coloured ringlets.

Fully embracing the confidence they feel in being themselves and embodying the licentious alter-ego they keep hidden whilst working in their day job, it is a fantasy that is simply one call away.

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