So lets get right into it, elite escorts you may come across…

It's incredibly hard to stereotype anyone without sounding condescending or clichéd, but let's run through the different types of elite escorts you will meet in the escorting world. There is such a huge number of beautiful escorts in London, so knowing the difference will put you in good stead when you call us and book one of our latest elite escorts. I hope that a huge number of girls read this and relate. Having read several forums and seen the devastatingly naive questions that some escorts pose, I seek to hold a mirror to girls and encourage them to fully dictate their own lives, bar the influence of an agency owner, fellow escorts and especially madames.

The lost girl – having been rejected from Neverland – a metaphor for being the subject of the cruel passing of time –  the lost girl is the type of elite escort who moves from post to post akin to a kite flitting in a storm. She clings on to the precious years of her early 20’s and is manipulated easily by peers who tell her she needs to be more flexible about her value and services because she’s getting ‘old’.

Unfortunately, she stepped into this world completely lacking experience and decided to drown instead of wade in the mud. This could be due to not wanting to face reality, believing the scam that you may meet a husband in this industry, being surrounded by toxic individuals (this also includes people outside the industry), or being exploited by clients and the agencies. Any male agency owner who asks to come inside your house (uninvited) to pick up commission is bad news.

The same goes for women; any female agency owners or madame who asks intrusive questions or asks you to do favours above your call of duty, need to back off and know their place: in the shadows. If your one of these elite escorts, please remember that you are always protected by the law. 

If you are ever unhappy with something, say no! In every industry, people are more likely to say yes instead of no because they fear it will make them appear difficult to others. In fact, the more you say yes, the worse it gets. If your a ‘yes’ person, keep in mind what you are actually agreeing to, because eventually people will mistake your kindness for naivety and you can easily be taken advantage of, this really applies to any industry.

It goes without saying, but don’t be a brat about it, if you don’t want to do something, you have every right to reject. Don’t ever transgress your personal boundaries just to earn more. One agency rang me at 4am to see someone who happened to live in my neighbourhood, a job I declined. She proceeded to huff, puff and cuss as though I were some magician who cancelled my appearance at her sons birthday party. The answer is still no, so do not feel pressured. Remember you are the elite escorts, its on your terms at the end of the day.

The Social Climber – Being an escort, especially an elite London escort, means you will be circling amongst individuals from the upper echelons of society. This type of escort may be hoping to excel in her (*insert career) objectives by making significant connections. These types of elite escorts have impeccable manners and understand the subtle behaviours that will allow them to be welcomed into these cliques without suspicion.

The probability that they won’t have any mutual friends or family members who know the gentleman is very high, hence it’s an ideal tryst. Please don’t be fooled by the prospect that the more powerful or influential the individual, the smarter they are. We are talking champagne and truffles sweetie, not Socrates and Rubens. Remember a solid education doesn’t always mean you’re smart.

The sharp escort – These type of elite escorts realised from a young age that she could carve a very successful career in any industry of her choice; the rainmaker who could have even saved BHS. This is due to her high emotional intelligence and strong business acumen. I have met girls that made me wonder whether they worked for the secret intelligence, their elegance, class and savvy personalities make them a delight to be around.

Some call it lazy, they call it a short cut. This escort decided that she could use her brains and charms to earn quick money and invest it strategically for a high ROI. These girls usually have a sparkling resumé, can converse in highbrow conversation and speak several languages. Interestingly enough, they are responsible enough to know what they are doing as an elite escort and how long for, what you could almost call an unwritten game plan. They won’t be swayed by rich men dangling the candy-life in front of them, simply because they don’t want you.

They want the temporary transaction as a means to an end – a financial stepping stone. Once she leaves that room, she won’t remember your name, that ridiculous phantom you drive, whether or not you were handsome or what Fortune 500 company you own, because frankly she doesn’t care. Once these women have achieved everything they’ve wanted, they start a new life with a guy who makes therm laugh. If a woman refuses to discuss what happened before the age of 28, you may have to look beyond her tearful story of how she fled the Soviet Union.

The fell-into-the-industry escort – It’s interesting how many British girls have escorted once or twice for the most diverse reasons such as, buying a new pair of Jimmy Choos, curiosity, or to clear a debt they had outstanding. Some girls have escorted without even realising it.

A girl may be propositioned to hang out on a yacht and she will receive “spending money”, or to go shopping with a guy on the premise that she spends the night with him. Let’s put it this way, if you don’t include ‘everyone’ in the Instagram post on the Sunseeker, then we know what you’re up to and it isn’t Marine Biology.

There’s an epidemic throttling our society and it’s called narcissism. Posting endless materialistic photos showing off to the world means either: a) you never received enough attention as a child, b) are surrounded by competitive peers who don’t wish you well, c) crave a sense of significance, d) try to make yourself believe you are so happy even though you feel like soggy bread and butter pudding inside. Did you see what happened in Uruguay? No, I’ve been busy placing the right filter on my picture of me ‘waking up like this’.

I will continue this post later on in the week. In the meantime, check out this site if you are an elite escort and needs someone to talk to:

If you are happy and in control, then keep it up.

Goodbye for now, see you soon.

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