Escort agencies and the questions an escort should be posing

Following on from yesterday, I will be talking about some other elements an elite escort should consider when joining an escort agency.

3) Screening

How well does the agency know the clients? Time waits for no man but it is really is our best friend when it comes to unveiling who you can and cannot trust. Some agencies will send a client to your house claiming he is a ‘regular’ and when you quiz the guest, you are dismayed to find out that he’s never called the particular escort agency in question in his life.

I highly recommend that you do not go to someone’s house unless the agency has reassured you that they know them well and trust them. I also recommend that even if an escort goes to the most upscale hotel in Geneva, central London or New York etc., that she text a close friends telling them who, what, where she is, when she arrives and when she leaves. I have had agencies and even madams send me to places I realised I would have not gone to had I known the whole story to begin with. They then have the audacity to tell me to delete all their text messages before I proceed with the job which I, of course, did not. Throw me to shark infested waters when I thought I would be swimming with Nemo and you can be sure I will be dragging the captain down too.

It is wise to find out any problems the agency has had with a client, and how the escort agency dealt with it. If you are being sent miles away, will there be a private driver who knows the agency attending. One agency sent me to a client and there were too men in the room. I ran out and called them constantly and no one answered the phone – that really scared me. On another note, one agency owner stood outside the house from start to finish to make sure that the booking went ok. This sort of behaviour is not usual in the escort agency world but there are some good apples out there. Also, find out in what circumstance the escort agency will refuse a client and make it clear what your deal breakers are. Everyone is sweet to you when you are a yes girl, because then you are an opportunity to exploit. No one is your friend in this industry.

4) Agency Background:

What is the agency background and how long have they been going for. Please bear in mind that a long-standing agency does not necessarily mean that they are good. Success and notoriety can breed a complacent attitude from the agency; an escort should not feel that she can be replaced in a second if she declines a job because she’s uncomfortable.
Has the agency met you and if not, have they met you after your first few jobs? If you have not met them and they ask you to just deposit into a bank then how on earth will they have a firm understanding of the moral compass of their clients.
Ask how may escorts they have working for them and how long they have been working for them. The longer the relationship, the brighter the light shines on that escort agency. Check out their certifications. If you cannot find any links to sites that would attract clients then it is most likely a scam and you must avoid sites like these.

Finally, tomorrow I will list the other things an escort should be asking an agency she is looking to join.

As we say in my country: Buona Notte 😉 XX

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