English Escorts in London

English escorts frequent the London scene and they are requested constantly. What is so special about these do-eyed, fair-skinned posh totties? I shall run through the points…

Firstly, there is no denying that an English Escort will have a gorgeous accent that is serenely authoritative yet soothing and elegant. This sounds confusing but once you hear it, it will make your legs weak with desire.

English escorts come from a country which puts an emphasis on class and integrity and this is no surprise due to the prestige of the Royal family. An English Escort will carry herself gracefully and she will dress immaculately. An English escort is a fantastic dinner and travel companion and since English is a universal language, it is highly unlikely that there will be a communication barrier.

England is rich with history and as a result, an English Escort will have plenty of interesting things to talk about, ranging from current affairs to philanthropy. England’s history is legendary and so is its escorts. Who said fairies and nymphs belonged in books only?

The English escorts have a certain mannerism and this is apparent in the way they walk, talk  and drink their tea. The English are very proud of their patisserie and tea selection and it is recommended you ask an escort for a good old fashioned cup of British tea when you visit an english escort for an incall.

The English are classy and discreet. They do not like to show off their successes and this is why the English escorts are particularly apt at being non-descript. They dress and act subtly which demises unwarranted attention. However, the English Escorts although discreet, they have a fantastic sense of humour and if you are a fan of escorts who can engage in witty conversation, then look no further than an English escort.

Talking about class and grace, Audrey Hepburn is a great example of an English woman at her finest.

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