Elite VIP Escorts and Silver Foxes

The silver fox is indeed a fantastic creature. He is the by-product of good health, expansive living, and inner confidence. Some men just get better as they age and the supposition that VIP escorts get excited when their clients are young is mostly fictitious.

A VIP escort told me how she spent her summer in Lake Como objectifying the men - that’s right, it goes both ways. Having spent most her time sipping velvety espressos and soaking up the gentle sun, she noticed a trend in the area: gorgeous older men who had silver hair. This VIP escort explained how wonderful open-top classic cars would drive by - a stunning Benz, a Ferrari, an Aston Martin DB5 - each skillfully driven by a different type of fantastic Mr Silver Fox.

The London VIP escort explained that “I was in my element! I’m eating some of the best food in the world served by handsome waiters whilst I watch a flurry of tanned, gorgeous older men drive by, accompanied by strikingly attractive young women.” However, the elite VIP escort was mostly impressed by their thick, luxurious and magnificent hair that moved in the wind like the streamer of a rhythmic gymnast. Their stunning silver hair makes any female, let alone escort fantasize about running their fingers through their lustrous mane. Their tortoiseshell glasses conjure images of wrapper leaves and his sunset Havana playhouse called Scandaleux.

One hour turned to six and my VIP model escort friend spent most her holiday watching the shiny patron saints of Lake Como drive and walk by in all their glory.

Despite my friend’s spectating hobbies, most VIP escorts don’t like to just watch, they love to be serenaded too. London VIP escorts adore spending time with a silver fox, his disposition is a delicious concoction of moody yet magnificent, relaxed yet attentive.
The only playboy we don’t mind playing us; the silver fox doesn’t need to explain his whereabouts when he disappears for months on end. From his many places of residency - Jamaican villa, Wiltshire country estate, Japanese penthouse apartments, Creole mansion in Mauritius - to the opulent bars and exclusive manuscript shops he frequents, he never stays in one place for too long. Whether it is the most distinguished and beautiful women in their 50s, the world’s most sought-after VIP elite escorts or breathtaking supermodels, the silver fox gains access to all areas. Unlike the young playboys  - who swing their black Amex cards in a restaurant like a Grand Prix flag waver and constantly remind you that they once dated this 6ft tall androgynous model - a silver fox is discreet, tactful and always courteous, especially to service staff. The doctrine that the silver fox lives by is that ‘a gentleman never tells’ because the only thing that matters is the time he spends with you.

His generosity and honourability extend beyond his fingertips to all those he encounters in life: the 16th Century castle he bought for his childhood wet nurse and the holidays he books for his house staff. Did I forget to mention the four million pound mansion he built in Bournemouth as a refuge for women? Goodness, I am in a swoon!

A silver fox never dodges responsibility, having made sure his seven ex-wives - from every continent in the world - and his fifteen children are all looked after. He even visits his ex-wives for festive seasoning.

The resplendent silver-haired Lothario comes to you with a soft power that you, your mother and your grandmother cannot resist. Elite VIP escorts cannot fault him and his contemporaries laud - or envy -  him.

My VIP escort contact explains that for Italians, charm and charisma is almost their birthright but merge that with a well-kept silver mane and trouble will inevitably ensue - Mr Silver Fox, you truly are fantastic! 

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