Several Destinations That Harbor Beautiful Women

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but most beholders seem to be in agreement that some of the following cities have the most beautiful women in the world…

[The following list has not been arranged to a particular order of importance]

A list of cities with some of the most beautiful women in the world

New York City, United States: Although LA and Miami are home to some breathtaking ladies – due to the beaches and celebrity culture,  the women of New York are a cut above the rest. Why? People from all over the world come to visit or settle in New York, and as a result, the women are walking brand ambassadors for exotic mixes and various cultures. The female flowers are more varied than the garden of Eden, and you can even sit back and watch the beautiful world go by in the land of opportunity.

There is something so captivating about the beauty of Russian women in Moscow; they have flawless skin, green/blue eyes and well-proportioned figures that stand tall and elegant. Forget any particular feature on the face, because it’s their face shape, that although exotic, remains perfectly symmetrical. The most stunning look like a mix of four continents with a light bisque complexion. These women resemble nymphs from a forest and they understand the power of a long blunt hair-cut. The irony is that some of the most gorgeous women live in Russian villages surrounding the capitals and they may never be discovered. I envy the snow that touches their skin.

Are you a blonde hair, blue-eyed man? Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden. The weather may be cold but the women are on fire! Their skin is so translucent, that it can sometimes be hard to discern the colour of their light blue eyes against their pale complexion. Furthermore, they take care of their teeth without bleaching, so rather than seeing a fake Hollywood gleam, they have a natural whiteness to them when they smile. The idealism of natural beauty is demonstrated by their smiles, beautiful and humble personalities and tousled long hair. Contemporary beauty standards in fashion have been inspired by these Nordic beauties. Swedish women: I salute you!

Mamma Mia is a term that you may find cheesy, until you actually step foot in Italy. How can you kick-start an economy when the average woman walking the streets is hotter than hell? The fashion capital of the world, Milan attracts budding models from all over the planet to come work in their agencies. Putting aside International talent, Italian women are some of the most beautiful women the world because of the first influx of the Aryans into Italy – whom left what is now classified as Eastern Europe. Their pronounced features, being a strong nose and jawline, olive skin, long thick black hair and delicious curves are a result of the Spartans sprawling out and conquering the indigenous Aryan tribes that lived in what is now called Italy.
If you are a man who likes a ‘sugar and spice but not too nice’ passionate lover, then head to Milano.

The bevy of beauties in Seoul, South Korea cannot go unmentioned. Many accolades have been given to Asian women round the world but Seoul is a city in Asia that will have your head spinning 360 degrees. The women have light skin, feline eyes and a feminine temperament, as well as a coy disposition; all this makes them incredibly charming. Korean beauty regimes are focussed on supreme skin care rituals that encourage a clear complexion with minimal make up. It is also worth noting that Korean women are some of the best dressed ladies in the world.

Although the Middle East is brimming with incredible beauties, there is no beauty like the Lebanese stunners in Beirut, Lebanon. Beirut is a melting pot of culture and races – along with the city bering a huge party place, there are some incredible looking girls. Try to imagine European and Arab genetics mixed together: supernatural. They have fit physiques from all their dancing and love of outdoor activities, and they feel an inner beauty in them which is reminiscent of the Mediterranean attitude.

Moldovian women are just gorgeous, which is why you ought to head down to Chisinau in Moldova in order to set your imagination free. The women are a lovely mix of Latin and Russian with Scandinavian roots; typical features being soft lips, sultry soulful eyes, sweet curves and true hospitality. a high emotional intelligence is what makes these women such amazing lovers and partners, it all depends what you are looking for.

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