Buying a Gift for a Regular Client

Should you get your closest client a Christmas present?

The answer: yes.

Oh, the irony! The most incredible men I have ever met in my life were mostly during my time as an elite escort; many of which were single but just didn’t have the time to be tied down in a commitment. These men are still very dear to me and I frequently catch up with them over the phone, and sometimes introduce trusted girlfriends to them.

There will be at least one client that you hold very dear to your heart, unless your Christian name is ‘Agenda’. You simply cannot dictate where your heart goes, but you must keep a certain level of professionalism in order to maintain your dignity, and show respect to the client and his private life.

However, this does not mean that you cannot demonstrate your appreciation for the good times you shared thus far, and how well he has looked after you, by purchasing a thoughtful gift for him. I have had some amazing regulars that were so kind and honorable to me, I made sure I bought them a special gift every time they came to London. The intriguing part was that they were speechless when they received the item; emotions that turned from shock, to embarrassment and finally sincere gratitude. This was simply due to the fact that throughout life they always picked up the tab and bought gifts, yet no one had ever turned around and offered to chip in or surprise them with a gift.

Below are three gifts you can consider giving your client that will raise an eyebrow and leave a footprint in his or her memory:

1). If they’re a smoker, a hand-painted cigar box is relatively unique. There are several shops in Venice, off the Campo San Bartolomeo that offer to paint a design of your choice onto a sliding wooden cigar box – they can be ordered online. I would opt for a geometric design and nothing too flamboyant. If your client loves a certain historical era, maybe you can get an applicable landmark painted onto the box. e.g The Battle of Hastings or the Procession of the Trojan Horse. If they like it simple, then get their initials engraved on the box, but don’t include yours; it’s a cigarette box, not an Oak Tree.

2). Vintage whiskey is a great option, even if they don’t drink, the colour is so resplendent, that the bottle always looks great in the right environment. Furthermore, they will have acquaintances who will no doubt want to try such a liquor when they throw parties. Suggestions for this strong syrup roll along the lines of a forty year old Glenfiddich or a twenty year old bottle of Glen Grant. If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic, then try the Nikka Yoichi Single Malt – you can thank me later.

3). A book! Yes, because people still read in this day and age. Due to the intense glares of our iPhones and laptop screens, are eyes are obliged to indulge in paperback books from time to time. There is a book for everyone and if you are so close to your client, then you will find a suitable story. Besides, it doesn’t have to be highbrow waffle on existentialism. One of the coolest gifts I got a client was an original edition of Michael Turner’s comic series Fathom signed by the author.
If the above suggestions are not intellectually conducive to your relationship, then throw in a book on The Karma Sutra.

4). Turnbull & Asser bespoke canine pocket squares are a delightful gift. T&A’s services allow personal images to be printed onto the fabric. However, I would stick to classic white cotton – 1000 thread count – with the initials sewn on them.
Whilst walking in the park, my friend and I saw a beautiful woman looking frantically for a tissue when her ice-cream dribbled down her arm. He saved the day by whipping out his handkerchief and giving it to her to keep. She was gushing and he later told me that all his handkerchiefs have his number embroidered on them. I though this was so tacky, but much to my bewilderment, the gorgeous woman later called him with an invitation for a drink.
Get your client the same type of handkerchief, unless you’re a jealous siren, in which I suggest omit the number part and stick to just the initials…

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