Booking Independent Escorts

Many clients ask me which country has the most beautiful high class escorts, and whether or not I can connect them to reputable agencies, madams, or independent escort friends who are located in these countries. I try to help where I can; usually it’s a success, however, there are times when I tell the client that his best option is to root through the escort directories to find a girl of his choice. If you are new to booking independent escorts, read on for more information…

How to book from an independent escort directory 

The qualities of the photos are very similar to that of an high class escort agency. However, you want to be sure that these photos belong to the girl that’s advertising them. Most of the time, the escort directory platform has not met the girls, and on the rare occasion that they do, you will see a small label on the bottom right hand corner that says ‘verified’, which is a 100% indicator that the photos are in fact hers.

DON’T ring up to waste the escorts time. There may not be an agency gatekeeper to vet the undesirables but believe me, the hint is in the word: independent. This means she is sharper than the average agency receptionist and less patient towards fools over the phone. Do not expect a warm delivery over the phone if you want to chat for over two minutes. In such an instance, you are being inconsiderate and should opt for telephone service where you pay by the minute; the type where a woman pretends she’s dressed in a negligee when she’s actually waltzing through the aisles at Sainsbury’s looking for flour.

If you are unsure of whether or not her pictures are genuine, be polite and precise on the phone and then ask her if she would consider a quick FaceTime conversation. You approached her, so don’t be tenacious if she says no, just move on. If you want to use perverse terms like ‘daddy’ or ‘young lady’, then we suggest you step away from the phone, go away and spend your money somewhere more productive: a therapist. Please face the demons you had to deal with at your all-boys boarding school or your controlling molly-coddling mother who never let you grow into a man because elite escorts like psychologically baggage-free emotionally mature men who appreciate the beauty and intellect of a grown woman.

If you have decided on booking her, then pay her a deposit via a bank transfer. This will not only make her feel assured that some level of security has been passed, but she will enjoy her time more and arrive feeling relaxed and ready for your date. The rule stands: if it’s an outcall, you must allow her to ring through to your room so that she knows you are genuine. If you don’t want to provide her with even your second name, then don’t expect her to throw caution to the wind and just turn up. You may think you have a lot to lose but some of us have an exceptionally bright future ahead of us and we don’t want to be associating with any Tom or Harry.

If you are new to the world of independent escort agency directories, then give it a try. Most the high class escorts on a directory are not on an escort agency website or with a madam which means you have more options. Just remember, you may choose her but she has to choose you too.

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