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If you’ve never before considered spending a day in Paddington, we implore you to think again. Paddington is undergoing a revolutionary renaissance in terms of property, business and transport. Once deemed a barren location with limited attractions to offer, Paddington has proven to be more than just canal wharves, railway connection points and empty warehouses. As the 80s drew to a close, Paddington experienced it’s re-birth and has since been going from strength to strength.

New developments in Paddington

The waterside area is an example of the ever-expanding residential landscape of the area; it is one of the largest remodelling projects in London. What are the motivations for new development plans in the area which attracts investors from all over the world? Paddington Station is one of four most significant national rail hubs in London witnessing people commute from all over England. It is estimated that over 35,000 individuals pass through the station per day; this number does not even include the passengers using the underground. Four underground lines service Paddington: Circle and District, Bakerloo and Hammersmith & City. The Heathrow Express is one of the most reliable and efficient transport services in London. With strong connecting travel links to Heathrow and the City, it’s no wonder that Paddington is so appealing to property developers and conglomerates looking to expand.

Paddington Station

Paddington is most famous for its station. Although we brushed upon its efficient travel connections, the station itself deserves more attention.
The first steam train to be built and used was in 1804, and 34 years later marked its introduction into Paddington Station. Naturally, this was a historical event that brought the station centre stage in terms of transport innovations. For 16 years, Paddington Station operated from Bishop’s Bridge Road until it opened up - in 1854 - to the area space that it currently operates in.

The station was renovated and maintained by National Rail. This Grade I listed railway station is a pleasure to observe and a joy to experience.

Many friends meet at Paddington station before embarking on their adventure. With Hyde Park just around the corner, you could meet a Paddington escort for coffee as a starting point. The latter is something to consider if a long-term booking makes you nervous, thus, start slow. Invite the Paddington escort for a preliminary two-hour meeting at any of the large coffee and snack shops: EAT, Starbucks or Leon. There is a wonderful champagne bar which serves delightful bubbly from all over the world brought to you in a glass or a bottle. A glass - or two - of champagne can help relieve any first-meeting butterflies, allowing you and the escort’s natural personalities to shine through. Hopefully, sparks will fly and you will want to extend the booking. Rest assured, there is much to cover in Paddington so your only issue will be finding the time to see everything.

The Paddington Basin offers pedestrian pathways alongside the canal. The Rolling Bridge and Fan Bridge open and close - to allow boats to pass through - on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The dynamic structure of both bridges creates interesting shapes from several beams that move in a sequence. Arrive by 12 pm to witness the technological prowess of the bridges. You can then eat a wonderful lunch outdoors with the Paddington escort. Due to the large open pedestrian paths and countless delis, bars and restaurants, this is a wonderful area to visit in the summertime.

Things to do in Paddington

There are plenty of things to do in Paddington and a client who is hoping to take a Paddington escort out on a date can focus on staying in the area, especially as everything is in such close proximity. However, lovers sometimes prefer to explore deeper in hope of discovering new things by accident. In such a case we recommend hiring a bike so that you and the Paddington escort can tour the beautiful Hyde Park and make a pit stop by the ice cream van! This is a wonderful idea in the summertime as its an ideal way to cool down with the breeze caressing your skin as you cycle in the relentless heat - yes, England does have a heat wave now and then!

Cycling may be a little too boisterous for you, and in that case we suggest organising a picnic with the Paddington escort. These coming months we are ushering red wine from the evening menu into the cool light of the day. Pack a lovely bottle of light red - not rosé as that’s too predictable - and bring a varied selection of cheeses and biscuits. This would make an elegant picnic, with a twist. In fact, with the red wine flowing and the taste buds tingling, it would make a picnic to remember. Think quality of ingredients over quantity, and never be afraid to serve red wine chilled!

Most women love horses which is why you may want to consider booking a slot at the Hyde Park stables. Whether the horse riding takes place in the arena or outside, you and the Paddington escort can experience these beautiful creatures in the flesh. The longstanding stable in London has maintained its integrity and excellency since 1835.

A boat trip with an escort is a very romantic way to end the day, especially if it takes place in Little Venice. The boat is the perfect viewing spot for weeping willows, Victorian townhouses, Georgian mansions and narrowboats of many vibrant colours. The gorgeous Regent’s Canal passes through Camden, Regent’s Park and Little Venice. Running over eight miles long and forming part of London’s canal network system, Regent’s Canal is a gem that is frequently overlooked by visitors. The boat rides operate from April to November and tickets can be easily purchased. You can hop off at Little Venice and continue to the fabulous selection of restaurants by the waterside. We can guarantee that most women would be thrilled to go on a boat ride, especially in the summer where any journey that escapes the heavy crowds is very much welcomed. If you prefer to play the Captain, then why not hire a peddle boat for 45 minutes in Hyde Park and show the Paddington escort how good your navigation skills really are.

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