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When people mention Notting Hill, the first thing that springs to their mind is the 1999 film, and although it was a hit, there is so much more to this charming location that Hollywood omitted from the motion picture. Let us discuss why the area is one of the most iconic regions in London and why the Notting Hill escorts here at Lilith Escort are truly blessed to live in such a neighbourhood. Taking an escort on a date around Notting Hill can be so much fun, especially if she knows the area. She may have a couple of suggestions of her own. There is so much to cover in this area that even a Notting Hill escort will discover something new on every exploration. 

Enjoy The Ultimate Day With Our Escorts in Notting Hill

The Carnival! We may as well get straight to the point since Notting Hill Carnival - which happens to be the second largest carnival in the world - is just around the corner. London Notting Hill escorts love this time of the year because it is yet another excuse to dress up. Celebrating London's multicultural past and present, Notting Hill Carnival is a huge street festival honouring different Caribbean communities. Notting Hill escorts sometimes get involved in the street dancing or stand by and marvel at the beautiful costumes and amazing music that ranges from reggae to dubstep to salsa.

Over the course of two days, a Notting Hill escort will have the luxury of parties that take place all over Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill and Westbourne Park. This year, the parade is going to kick off at 9.30am on the 26th August. Now, if you are feeling claustrophobic there is nothing stopping you from visiting a London Notting Hill escort at her beautiful apartment. With most apartments exuding effortless luxury living, you will most probably make yourself at home and extend the booking. The London Notting Hill escort will no doubt have post-war and contemporary art prints on the wall, namely, Lichtenstein and Rothko. Her minimalist and chic interior design will be a result of her mingling with artistic peers.

The best massages happen when you are truly comfortable. Lie down, relax, and allow our Notting Hill escort to work her magic with her hands.

Explore Notting Hill's Incredible Culture

Notting Hill is characterized by its large Victorian townhouses, stunning terraces, charming mews and colourful houses. A melting pot of all types of culture and taste, Notting Hill escorts are drawn to the area because of its fashionable and contemporary lifestyle. The residential area is so eclectic and beautiful that many Instagram bloggers come here for inspiration, and of course, visual material for their followers. On the subject of visual delights, Notting Hill is famed for its weekend markets.

A Notting Hill escort in London has the luxury of antique shops, clothing stalls and fashion markets within five minutes walking distance. A Notting Hill escort need not venture far in order to taste some authentic and exotic cuisine. Offering all kinds of flavours and textures, Notting Hill's street stalls offer tantalizing meals and drinks, with the backdrop of commissioned public artwork. This is an ideal date for a Notting Hill escort who is showing a client around the area for the first time.

If you prefer a more formal setting, then you shall be glad to know that there are countless award-winning French, Italian, English and Japanese restaurants in the vicinity. IIndependentcafés and delis dominate Notting Hill - finding organic meats, premium baked goods and fresh fish is never difficult. If you stay over the night with a Notting Hill escort, then why not propose cooking? You can whip up your favourite meals and dine in a more comfortable setting by the candlelight.

Choose From A Range Of Activities

Partaking in learning activities with a partner is a great way to bond. There are several weekend and weekday evening classes teaching individuals how to carve meat, bake cakes and even make sushi. The best dates are the most unusual, and as a result, we recommend that you book a cooking class for you and the London Notting Hill escort. You can visit our Notting Hill escort in London the following week for dinner to see if she took appropriate notes during cooking class.

Notting Hill escorts in London tend to be culture vultures, else why would they live in such a 'happening' area? Travel further south from Portobello Road and you will find the most charming independent book and music shops. Walk hand in hand with a London Notting Hill escort and peruse original posters, listen to alternative music and purchase rare spices, all from Portobello Road.

If you are into high-end fashion or purchasing a sweet gift for our Notting Hill escort, then make your way down to Westbourne Grove. This area - Ledbury Rd - has countless high-end boutiques and art galleries.

Booking A Hot Notting Hill Escort Today!

Everything in Notting Hill is miscellaneous, yet, like an impressionist painting, it all fits together beautifully. The best possible way to experience Notting Hill is via foot, and given that most Notting Hill escorts are very active, you will be walking around all day taking in the sights, sounds and smells.

As always if you'd like to book your very own high class Notting Hill escort simply take a look through the stunning ladies we have available, then give us a call once you've decided who you'd like to spend the evening with! ☎ +447949 611 199.

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