Dark Brown
34D (enhanced) – 24″ – 36″
5ft 6 (170 cm)
Portuguese (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (fluent), English (fluent)
Availability to travel

Luiza is a striking half Italian, half Brazilian model at Lilith. Like a protagonist from an Italian romance novel, she can captivate an audience and enchant anyone whom she encounters. Her skin is mocha coloured, her hair dark chocolate brown, and the ‘not so discreet’ cherry on the icing is her insane body which has peaks more impressive than the Alps.

Her soft stunning features will bring out the romantic side of you but rest assured, like most Italian Brazilian women, she is the entire package, and that includes her feisty streak and passionate aura – this girl is literally about to erupt with desire. Time spent with Luiza will never be slow, and with her multi-cultural disposition, it’s safe to say that she embodies the best of every world.

Luiza is a well-mannered and discreet young lady. However, when you ask her a question, she will look you straight in the eyes and answer. An answer that that is not shrouded with any untruths or by reluctant delivery. The most unassailable elite escort we have ever come across, Luiza is the epitome of inner strength and gravitas. When a girl is that comfortable in her own skin, you will naturally relax and allow your own natural personality to come through  – such organic interactions are what dreams are made of.

Interpersonal skills and tactful dialogues are not as easy as one would imagine. Luiza is a great talker and host due to her promotional modelling past and numerous presentations she partook in at university. You can invite her to any social circle and she can mingle easily.

One of her most favourite places in the world is Japan. “Japan is a country that is appealing all year round; I am not sure where, to begin with a country that is more than just history, it’s an ideology.

The Cherry Blossom season is beyond beautiful and I managed to squeeze in a quick visit last year, during the Spring. My promotional work has taken me to some impressive locations but Japan is another dimension,” explains Luiza. She talks further on the extensive poetry and artwork dedicated to the beautiful fields of endless trees that constantly shed these stunning pink petals to the grass. Apparently, there is a Japanese word that alludes to the respect humans have for it – ‘hanami’ which means observing nature, flowers specifically. If you miss the ‘pink party’ – as Luiza like to put it – then you can catch the gorgeous deep rich hues of the Autumn leaves that prevail in the temple gardens from the months of September to December.

Luiza is a worldly woman and appreciates any individual who has an unquenchable thirst for travel and adventure. The best travel companions are those who know when to wear the high heels and when to bring out the khaki shirt and backpack.

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