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When we hear the word ‘tantric’, our brains automatically conjure up images of lustful, passionate sessions in the bedroom that last for hours, with our partners gasping for more. Now, many of us are not gods in the bedroom, as much as we think we are, so we feel that sense of tantric joy is a fleeting dream. But, what if there was such a way that you could enjoy the slow-burning pleasure of the tantric arts, without the effort, and it had health benefits? I’d be crazy right? Welcome to the world of tantric massage.

Enjoy The Physical Connection Of A Tantric Massage

Yep, you read that correctly. A massage that feels like having an incredible physical connection, but you can lay back and relax whilst the tantric escort does all the work. But, what are tantric escorts in London? The word ‘tantric’ is believed to be over 5,000 years old, and the practice of tantra is believed to have been around for just as long.

But the tantric massage was said to have been invented and developed in 1977 in Germany when aspects of yoga, therapy and other massages were combined to create what is intended to be an intense, pleasurable experience. Whereas other massages are to aid pains, relax muscles and generally heal physically, the tantric massage is mainly designed for pleasure: it is a massage designed to be enjoyed.

Now, before you go running to Google to type in ‘tantric massage near me’, there are even more benefits to booking tantric escorts London. Yes, more! The tantric massage is not only designed to release those frustrations that build inside the body, but the breathing exercises involved are said to help with emotional fear and guilt and physical pain. It is believed that the art of tantric massage can really awaken the Kundalini, an energy that runs through the body and when it is stimulated and released can send healing powers throughout the physique. This is one of many reasons why London tantric escorts are in such high demand.

Ever Session Is A Different Experience

But how is this all achieved? Well, one thing to note is that no two massages from our tantric escorts are the same; it is a new experience every time. London Tantric escorts will awaken the pleasure centres of the body be it with light touching to stimulate the body, before moving on to more intimate techniques. A highly skilled tantric escort will use body to body stimulation in order to achieve maximum pleasure and effect, combining it with the best massage oils. That’s right: a gorgeous London tantric escort will literally climb on top of you and slide around. What is not to get excited about?

There’s more. If you were hoping for further intimate stimulation, you’re in luck. One of the key focuses of our tantric escorts London is the massaging of the lingam and yoni which are the male and female organs respectively. The massage focuses on these areas and other zones around the body to produce a satisfying end, that aims to clear the body and mind of the client. All of this is done with the idea that the receiver simply surrenders their body to the feelings and healing of the relaxing energy generated by the massage.

Release Your Stress With A Tantric Escort In London

The experience you'll enjoy from our tantric escorts in London is like no massage you’ve ever experienced. All the frustrations of daily life, both mental and physical, are expelled as the massage pushes away these negative feelings through the release of the healing energy whilst also giving a pleasurable and unforgettable experience. 

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