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Russia – one of the largest and coldest countries on the planet. Massive forests and empty spaces for miles around, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it’s a rather desolate place. Much like the country itself, the people of Russia are often thought of as tough, quiet and maybe even a bit icy.

With thick accents and a diet fuelled with vodka, people often fear that Russian women will be the same. But, this couldn’t be more wrong. Russian women are beautiful: no, seriously beautiful.


Russian Women’s Beauty

Often tall, slim, blonde and with soul capturing blue eyes, it’s no wonder that the profession often associated with Russian women is catwalk modelling. Yep, supermodels.

Think of a fashion show, with a model standing near six feet tall, strutting down the aisle with power and grace, wearing breathtaking couture that clings to her body so perfectly: there’s a really good chance this model is Russian. Again for one simple reason; they are stunning.


What Are Russian Women Known For?

Russian women the world over are also known for their glamour. Whether it’s intricate, expensive dresses, dazzling jewellery and often flawless skin, they really are a sight to behold. Confidence and elegance seems to surround a Russian escort. Take an elite Russian escort on a night out to your favourite bar or restaurant and your Russian date will be the envy of men and women alike. London Russian escorts look after themselves and with their dedicated routines to keeping up their flawless appearance, accompanied by their natural beauty, it’s no wonder they are so desired.


Why You Should Choose A Russian Escort

In Eastern European, particularly Russian culture, traditional values are still widely practiced. So, accompanied with a Russian women’s gorgeous appearance and loyalty, Russian women are also strong believers in family and this passion is reflected in their attitude and coincides with their loyalty.

How does this deem relevant to a part-time companion? It means that if you come to an agreement of exclusivity with a Russian escort, you can be sure that her loyalty is never broken and she won’t be meeting other clients without your knowledge.

As a result, they make the best long-term sugar companions, making any appearance in the escorting world short-lived. Then, there is the possibly the most common stereotype associated with Russians – vodka.


Why Russian London Escorts Are Highly Rated

Conjure up an image of a Russian and you’ll most likely see them drinking or saying vodka in a thick accent. But is this true of Russian escorts? You bet it is. Vodka has been the staple drink of Eastern Europe and Russia for centuries and with this, an elite Russian escorts knows how to handle her alcohol.

No chance of a gorgeous London Russian escort ending up passed out at a party, no she will be maintaining that poise and goddess-like beauty the whole night through.

Supermodel-esque looks, beautiful trim bodies with long legs, a dedication to maintaining only the most stunning appearance, strong, loyal and the ability to enjoy a drink without affecting them: Russian women really can do everything. It really is no wonder why they are on catwalks, magazine covers, adverts and on the arm of many successful men on the planet.


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