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Britain – a collection of countries known for its food like roast dinners and fish and chips, endless different amounts of alcohol and lush, open landscapes. Travelling up and down a relatively small island, you discover a vast number of different accents and cultures contained in one solitary island in the ocean. Reflected in this are the endless different types of women. From the homely women of the North in Yorkshire, to the posh ladies of the South in areas like London, they can all be found in the UK.

Britain is made up of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. With this comes a variety of lush landscapes: from the windswept highlands of Scotland, the lush green valleys of Wales, the sprawling fields of the North, the enthralling forests and villages of the South and the mountains of Northern Ireland, the UK really is a sight to behold. Coupled with the love of fresh, homemade food and drinks, Britain is known for its love of the nightlife.

The Beauty Of Britain

There’s a pub in every town and village, sometimes it’s the only thing that’s there, and when it comes to the major cities, like London, Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh etc, a myriad of cocktail bars, craft bars and nightclubs keep the nightlife running all night. But, let’s answer an important question: what are the escorts of Britain like?

When the world thinks of Britain, images of tea drinking, stiff upper lip posh types immediately springs to mind. Some British escorts are like this, indeed, but with this comes a sense of refinement, a touch of class. Intelligent and witty, British escorts are tough, passionate and beautiful, making them one of the most desired groups of women in the world. Think of your favourite British actress in Hollywood; they exude a type of grace and beauty that is unrivalled. Glamour is something that comes natural to a London British escort.

English Girls Are Truly Something Special

If you’re having trouble pinning down what makes British escorts so stunning, it could be the accent that many associate with Britain. The educated, well-spoken voice of the women of the South, in places like the capital of London, is what gives them an aura of confidence, a command to be the centre of attention. It’s affectionately known as the Queen’s English, making any British escort of the South seem like a member of an almost royal family.

In recent years, thanks to a little-known program called Game of Thrones, another accent has emerged as a firm favourite, particularly in the US. The accent you commonly hear amongst the main characters and families is the classic Northern accent. Homely, tough and even alluring, women with this accent have a reputation for taking no flack off anyone, but can easily switch to some of the friendliest women on the planet. It’s the kind of accent you just want to wrap yourself up in.

British escorts from the North have accents that are less imposing and more passive sounding than their southern counterparts. With the end of their sentences usually sounding like a question,  dialogue with a northerner sounds more permissive and inviting. British escorts with a Northern accents tend to be reserved for long bookings and always make fantastic travel companions.

Locally Sourced British Escorts

But, it isn’t just the accent - elite escorts of the British Isles come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be the curvaceous, buxom build or the petite, slender type, British escorts have it all. Unlike any other European nation, British escorts also range dramatically in appearance. If it’s a brown-eyed brunette, a blue-eyed blonde or an emerald-eyed redhead, British escorts really do cover every base. Couple it with their razor-sharp wit, wisdom and energy, it can’t be denied that the escorts of the UK really are the cream of the crop.

Throughout the world over, British women have become famous, whether it be on TV and film screens, the bars of the world or bringing about change one day at a time, it’s hard to argue that British women aren’t some of the best.

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