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An amorous congress in a hotel is so much more exciting than filling the cream doughnut at home. The continuous magical turndown service offered by such accommodations lays the foundation for yet another two hours of play. However, every game is defined by different rules and when it comes to intimate liaisons, there are places you should - and should not - book depending on the nature of the relationship you have with the VIP escort. Read on for the hottest hotels depending on what stage you have reached with your mistress because bad girls drink milk and good girls drink champagne…

The first time you meet the VIP escort

VIP escorts understand that first impressions are lasting ones which is why they will arrive to a booking looking stunning head to toe. Many clients will have booked a plush suite in a five-star hotel for their stay abroad, thus, hoping to show it off. The room speaks volumes - almost as much as the mannerisms of the client, and when an elite VIP escort walks into an environment of pure luxury and opulence, she will feel more relaxed and ready to let her hair down.
For this type of rendezvous, we recommend hotels in the heart of London, namely the Mayfair and Knightsbridge area; focus on Albemarle St, Beeston Place, Queens Rd and Park Ln.

The VIP escort-turned-mistress

VIP London escorts-turned-mistresses usually reside in gorgeous flats already purchased for them by sugar daddies or by themselves, if they’ve played the game correctly. These London VIP escorts are the type of girls that can turn a minute into an hour, an hour into an evening and a day into a fortnight. During such daring encounters, the heart may well wonder and before you know it, you’re embroiled in an affair.

When having an affair, it’s best to seek exclusive boutique hotels that favour candles over LED lights and leather booths over open-plan bars. No one will recognise you at secretive bars in Mayfair or Clerkenwell. The darker the walls and the more strokable the leather, the stronger the drinks will be on the menu. Knock back a fine whisky  - to steady your nerves - as you wait patiently for the London VIP escort to arrive. Dark lighting, muffled giggles and sumptuous smells are a reminder that there is no place for guilt in this haven. Besides, it’s easier to ascribe the VIP escorts power over you to circumstance, than it is to love. Hotels that come to mind are the gorgeous establishments located on Balderton St, Berners St and Peter’s Ln.

If you’re soulmates with the VIP escort

You can form a formidable bond with a VIP London escort without getting swept away in an illusion. Even Euripides lamented that “one loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives,” and some of the deepest connections are forged in the most honest and, maybe, vulnerable circumstances. We recommend whisking the London VIP escort, whom you have a strong relationship with, abroad, away from the madding crowd. Paris boasts some of the sexiest hotels in the world, and Kenya is a true contender for romance, privacy and breathtaking views. If your time is rarely your own, then venture into the great British countryside to stay in remarkably romantic and quaint serviced cottages - aim for the Cotswolds. The agenda is to relax with that special VIP elite escort who is always on your mind. Nature is a marvellous place to detach from everyday life and focus on the woman in front of you.

The aftermath of an argument

It happens to everyone, and yes, even clients bicker with their sugar babies and the VIP escorts whom they are very close to. These arguments may not be the usual wife/husband blow up but the passive-aggressive undertones and long silences can be just as destructive. If, for some reason, you have had an argument with a VIP London escort because she found out you have other special VIP escorts in your life - oh the irony, then it’s time to whisk her away to a scene that made the poets weep with joy. The Amalfi Coast is nothing short of spectacular, thus, taking a VIP escort to such an environment will pacify her anger like butter in the pan. What argument, baby? Getting down and cheeky after a fight can be so exhilarating. Imagine the fun you can have with a London VIP escort: caressing and entering with the melodious bells of the Positano’s Santa Maria Assunta Church in the background as opposed to your usual iTunes ‘Action GT’ playlist. The rays of the Italian sunshine peep through the shutters like light dancing through a kaleidoscope and the next thing on your mind is ordering fresh pasta - Bellissima!

One of the best parts of a recreational escape is the hotel. Although the most exclusive hotels are set in some of the most exciting cities and locations, an elite VIP escort and client whom both share insane chemistry will reserve most the fun for within the room. 

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