The Fine Line Between Escorting And Work

For this week's blog we're handing the reins over to one of Lilith Escort's very best girls to give you an idea of how escorts walk the fine line between escorting and work...

One of the most profound questions in life starts with the short but powerful word, “why?” As we progress onto more complex plans, we ask, “how?” My best friend has asked me: “how do you manage to maintain a form of equilibrium in your life whilst working as an elite escort and an archaeologist?” The answer is: balance. I call it the 90/10 rule where 90 percent of my month is dedicated to archaeology and ten percent is taken up by escorting. I will only ever let escorting take up a maximum of 20 percent of my time on the occasion that work in the field is quiet and my all-important quest for lost Durnovarian mosaics is taking longer than planned.

During the day, well, technically up to 8 pm, I am Georgina the trainee archaeologist who can be sent to arbitrary locations in England upon short notice. Although my job entails much more than digging and re-analysing field records, I’m not fulfilling - what is the general preconception of my job - my ‘Indiana Jones’ capabilities. I have an insatiable desire for adventure and the unknown. And as much as I enjoy excavating in the middle of nowhere with Cuthbert and Agatha, I often prefer meeting other individuals involved in exciting projects of their own. As an elite escort, I have met an accomplished gentleman who has explained the real ins and outs of their jobs which can range from genetic engineering to book publishers to art dealers.

How does an elite escort detach herself from her day job?

The truth is that I develop a new persona. I can’t stand the phrase ‘alter-ego’ because I find it’s riddled with narcissism. What many a celebrity utilise - a fabricated guise - to justify their ebullient presence and constant need for attention is what I endorse in order to compartmentalise my life and protect my identity. Every woman at some point in her life fantasises about the vixen she wants to be with a certain man: boyfriend, partner, husband, stranger. I do exactly this through escorting; it is the “medium”, the dimension, in which I allow the female Indiana Jones within me to come out and play. She can be as sassy, aloof, friendly, licentious, stiff or prim as she likes. The birth of an ego requires a name, and her name is Sòlene.
Our true self is who wakes us up in the morning. I rise with Georgina, where I find the world largely as I left it. I am myself; the room in which I woke up in is the same one I went to sleep in. The immediate world in Hampstead Health has not been rearranged. History has unchanged and the future remains unknowable. In other words, I woke up to reality.

Although defining reality is difficult, the subject can become a great deal more compromising if you allow your apprentice to assume absolute control in the cockpit. It is very easy to become consumed with greed and ambition in the world of escorting but the route to success doesn’t allow shortcuts. What you obsess over will ultimately control you.  Do you really want the elements of escorting that keep you defensive and somewhat suspicious to seep into your private life? Do I want Sòlene to start dictating when I wake up, what I eat and whether I should clock off work early from my day job? Can I trust Sòlene to invest in the future instead of Jimmy Choo? She perceives me to be weak - I see her as fragile. I like her, but I don’t trust her.

You cannot switch off from a concept simply because you cannot see, hear, smell or touch it. Reality can be stubborn, and just like a nightmare, we can’t always escape just because we are having a bad experience. The truth is that boring is good, and stable is safe. Left-field activities are exhilarating because they complement the monotonous in our life. This healthy partnership should always maintain one pilot - your true identity - who despite letting the co-pilot take charge whilst she/he rests, will always keep one eye open.

The other part of my life as an escort may be enjoyable and beneficial - I even secretly like Sòlene. However, the restrictive reality that Georgina is already bound to - languages, archaeology, the financial markets, wars, the biological chain of dependence, my mother - is quite enough. Many elite escorts find their mask stays on 24/7 as it helps them coast through other industries that are ruthless and competitive. Either way, our consciousness is so powerful that what we initially perceive as an abstract experiment can soon become a tangible reality - choose wisely!

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