Summer Loving With An Elite Escort

The elite girls here at Lilith Escort may have the most fun in the evening, but they are serious sun worshippers. In celebration of the much-awaited arrival of summer in England, I am going to list some of the most fun activities that you and your gorgeous companion can partake in.

What To Do In The Sun With An Elite Escort

The city in the sun can make you feel hot, sticky and dehydrated. Therefore, the thought of diving into cool, clean water in a rooftop pool sounds almost too good to be true. Well, seeing as London has plenty of stunning rooftop pools, you can bring your fantasy to life! Picture yourself sunbathing next to a breathtaking 6ft tall elite model escort whose body deserves to be worshipped by more than just the happy rays. Elite escorts in the city are always ready for spontaneous plans with a wardrobe full of bikinis and sportswear. Invite the lovely elite escort to a gym session followed by a splash in the pool.

It is advised that you book during the week so that there is more availability.

Enjoy A Beautiful View From One Of London's Finest Hotels

Prepare for the pilgrimage, however, as hotels with exclusive rooftop pools seek to maintain a serene and private ambience. The search is - deliberately - never easy which is why we have listed below the prime areas to focus on when uncovering these gems.
Hotels that have exclusive rooftop pools can be found in Wilton Place, Ebor Street, Park Lane, Hyde Park, Charing Cross, Knightsbridge, London Bridge and Trafalgar Square.
Personally speaking, I would focus on Park Lane area because you then have the wonderful option of venturing through Hyde Park afterwards, which, leads me to the next suggestion.

Following on from the previous paragraph, I mentioned that Hyde Park is an ideal place to restore yourself after sunbathing and swimming. Why? Because walking through lush nature is not only good for the lungs, but it elevates your mind and spirit.

Perhaps A Spot Of Swimming?

Swimming even leisurely can deplete your energy levels, and in this instance, we propose that you pack a picnic instead of eating inside the hotel. As delicious as the food may be in the five-star hotel, nothing beats eating a fresh cool cucumber sandwich outside whilst sipping champagne with the elite escort. Elite escorts live in - arguably - one of the most vibrant and entertaining cities in the world. Therefore, if you plan outside the box and organise your meetings with a splash of romance, she is going to want to see you again and again.

There are rare cases where the weather is so hot in the UK that it completely outshines our warm neighbours: Rome and Ibiza. Many elite escorts are whisked away to Ibiza, Monaco and Lake Como during the summer where the weather is consistently hot. However, there is something very special about London in the sun; overall positivity ripples through London when our yellow friend makes an appearance. Nevertheless, the heat can be relentless and there are times where you and the elite escort may prefer long periods of respite indoors, in the shade.

Eating Out In the Sunshine

The are plenty of restaurants that open up to gorgeous terraces. These outdoor dining areas tend to be shrouded with lush plantations in order to keep the place cool. Broadgate, Drury Lane, King’s Road, St. James’, Chiltern Street, Sloane Square and Ham Yard offer fantastic venues where the ice never runs out and the flowers continuously perfumate. You and your elite companion will be so impressed by these urban gardens, that you may fear you are looking at an oasis.

There are endless reasons why London is a fabulous place in the sunshine - the above points are just scratching the surface of ideas. For your next outing in the London sunshine, reserve one of our elite escorts that will make the booking worth every minute. 

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