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When discussing beauty, literature and ancient history is bursting with poetic verses and bold statements. Homer first lay claim to the magnificence of Sparta’s Helen; Cassius Dio wrote that the Macedonian Cleopatra was of “unsurpassed beauty”, and ancient Indian history had waxed lyrical about the “bewitching beauty” of Samyukta, the wife of a Rajput King. However, much of Russia’s acknowledgement of the beauty of their women is through their modern literature and fictional novels. Nevertheless, once you spend time in Russia and witness the astounding beauty of the Russian women, you come to realise that Pushkin and Tolstoy were accurate when describing their gorgeous heroines.

Stunning Russian Escorts Available Today

When the discussion of London Russian escorts arises, the first thing that comes to my mind is “legs”. I mean to say that some of the most statuesque, yet feminine, elite escorts I have ever met have been of Russian origins. Russian escorts pioneer in the practice of discretion which is why they are not always available. However, if you are lucky enough to reserve her time, you will come to realise that the Russian escort is most definitely worth the wait!

The elite Russian escort is a great host and her house will be in clean order. Every gift and item of memorabilia is handled with great care, making their homes a beautiful display of eclectic items.
Russian women who understand the power of subtle femininity will dress accordingly.

A Russian escort will adorn her body in the finest fabrics that celebrate her figure without revealing too much. Flashy labels are a little too obtuse and an elite Russian escort will opt for block-coloured fabrics that are cut to perfection. These fine fabrics will consist of spider silk, sea-island cotton and classified grade A cashmere.

It comes as no surprise that several creative directors from leading names in fashion have endorsed the same Russian muse for subsequent seasonal campaigns. Russian models have an ethereal type of beauty which is demonstrated in their divine bone structure, a composition which is never too strong or angular, but just right.

Enjoy Perfection Thats Only Comes From Russian Girls

Russian escorts have near perfect symmetrical faces and their disposition is soft. London Russian escorts have flawless skin and they can attribute this to their variegated genetics, as well as their strict skincare routine which leads me onto how well they take care of themselves.

Regular exercise outdoors and constant application of skin cream is a necessity, but all you have to do is look at the finer details to realize how serious Russian escorts are about preening themselves. Their nails are manicured to perfection and their lustrous and strong hair is a result of it being bathed weekly in the finest oils from the Middle East. They stay out of the sun at all costs which keeps them youthful for longer. Celebrating their natural skin tone - which can be a gorgeous range, they don’t bother with fake tan.

Get Yourself Booked In For The Russian Experience

No honour is as fervently contested as that of the country with the most beautiful women. I have mentioned this time and time again: Russian escorts are the most beautiful escorts in the world. Yes, there are breathtaking women from everywhere, but as a collective, Mother Russia is land to the most gorgeous women per square mile.

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