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For today's post, we have a special guest! One of the incredible companions here at Lilith Escort has offered to talk about her experiences in different cities and which are her personal favourites to visit: 

I am a high class escort and since moving to London, I have been sailing on a celebration of luxury, aesthetics and passion. I burst with thrilling life in the light, and I dazzle in the dark. High class escorts come from all over the world and like most travellers who have an appetite for culture, they maintain an open mind and a sense of clarity with the options they take.

Since making my debut over a decade ago, I have carried on enjoying myself as a high class escort, yet I see a maximum of four clients per year. I do not deal with the agencies or madams because I’ve carved my own lifestyle and choose to dictate everything on my own terms. When I am not sleeping, I’m either playing my grand pedal harp, spending time with my clients or purchasing delightful items. Although I’m great at saving, I know exactly how to have fun, because my darlings, there are cities in which one can spend a fortune and cities in which another makes one. Read on for some of the most solvent places for a high class escort.


It goes without saying: London is one of the most intoxicating cities in the world. Although I am still frustrated that there are no vegan delis open past 4am, I will always appreciate the plethora of fine dining restaurants in Notting Hill, the exclusive boutiques in Mayfair and the flaming nightlife in Soho and Oxford Circus. High class escorts are kept busy all the time - whether that encompasses shopping, high-quality companionship, working or exploring.

It may sound clichéd, but living here, as a high class escort, has just been the most magical experience. When talking to people, you realise that almost everyone has a mix of distant or close ethnicities in them. Every time I walk down a street, I am amazed at the stunning architecture and grand sculptures.

Ladbroke Grove is my favourite place: the high-end boutiques that supply covetable one-off pieces, the cosy delis and the overall vibrancy of the area.

Many high class escorts strike up acquaintances in central London bars. Unlike the nightclub, you can hear your partner speak and the ambience is more intimate - we like discreet, ladies!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an incredible place for a high class escort, especially if you are blonde, like me! Looking exotically different from what any particular country is used to seeing can be extremely beneficial to a high class escort. For example, an Asian girl in the United Kingdom will be highly sought after, just as Nordics would fawn over a mixed-race model.

I was always busy in Hong Kong and the clients were some of the sweetest and most polite of individuals. Easy come, easy go! I spent an incredible amount in the shopping mall, Pacific Place, and the state of the art sushi restaurants set me back slightly - not that I regret any of it!

A highlight was seeing Hong Kong lit up at night from skyscrapers based in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Having fun in the day is just as costly as it is in the night. Many people assume high end escorts wake up in the early evening and go to bed when the sun rises - this could not be further from the truth. There are high end escorts who choose specifically to see clients during the day or on the weekends, allowing them to focus on work and studies. Another high end escort may choose to spend time with her clients late in the day, simply because she prefers to operate during the evening.


If Australia were not so far from Europe, so many high class escorts would spend lengthy holidays there - this I know for certain. A high class escort need not bother purchasing the usual rounds of summer dresses and bikinis from Harrods and Selfridges before they embark on their journey down under. Australia has it all, and due to year-long summers, the fabrics and colours are vibrant and variegated. The clothes come at a price and a high class escort may well spend as much as she makes.

The activities are endless and the number of clients I met whilst surfing or relaxing on the beach was astonishing.
The nightlife is amazing in Sydney. After a riotous night out, you can check into any plush hotel and organise your own afterparty. Or, you could just go to bed!
Australia is home to very outgoing individuals which is why socialising is easy for a high class escort.

Although I would call London my home, I have been tempted to move permanently to Singapore, South Korea, Geneva and even Cape Town. All these locations offer so many opportunities and the fun is limitless.

Frugality is indeed an important virtue, but that’s not to say a girl cannot have a bit of fun!

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