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Middle Eastern bon viveur, rose perfume-advocates, formidable dancers - Arabian escorts know how to live a life full of excitement whilst collecting hundreds of hearts along the way. Embracing everything that life puts in their paths with a unique blend of femininity and playfulness, Arab escorts are a force of their own; a sandstorm that will knock you over and steal your heart in the process. The roses that bloom in the desert, the demand for London Arabic escorts will not be withering anytime soon.

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On a recent evening, I visited a gorgeous London Arab escort for conversation over chai. Resplendent in an Oscar de la Renta sheer silk-blend green blouse and Roland Mouret cream bouclé pencil skirt, the Arabian escort I had tea with giggled delicately as she recounted her recent excursion to Dubai. She held her pink and gold Russian Imperial Lomonosov Porcelain teacup with her delicate pale fingers that resembled sweeping willow branches dipped in Japanese carmine waters - no, the nail varnish was deeper than that, more of a ripe currant colour - or would dark cherry be more suitable to describe it?

Anyway, putting the irrelevant subject of the nail polish to one side, an Arabian escort possesses charms that make men & women lose concentration on the task at hand. Before you know it, you’re transfixed. Haifa smiled at me, slowly, as though I were undressing in front of her for entertainment. Her porcelain-white teeth resonated with the fluffy marshmallow-white Persian cat that weaved around her firmly-planted ankles. Her lithe legs were slanted to one side and her knees supported the beautiful teacup saucer. This Arabic escort was dressed in clothes that were just about tight enough to arouse curiosity, but loose enough so that we would not hold our breath.

“Ana wain kint...?” she pondered.

“You were telling me about the lingerie designer that was flown to your house in Dubai,” I replied (in Arabic).

“Oh, yes!...” She chuckled.

Haifa had invited me to her Knightsbridge penthouse apartment to ask my opinion on which lingerie set suits her best. The pieces made exclusively for her - courtesy of her sugar daddy - consisted of bras and thongs with countless strands of pearls and crystals sewn on.

This Arabic escort flung her clothes over the 17th Century Chinese folding screen - made during the Qing Dynasty, no less - and then asked me to come round and share my opinion. I stood and marvelled at her translucent white skin and full body. Her blue eyes turned out to be real; an arctic blue that made her obsidian black hair all the more striking. The Prussian blue and cream spider silk bra, basque and thong were my favourites. The statement still holds strong: Arab escorts in London are some of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on.

Haifa allows very few individuals to enter the house due to her desire to keep parts of her life vehemently private. London Arab escorts may command the attention of everyone outside, but they only welcome people they really trust into their lives. Being her friend of almost five years after meeting at a private party in Paris (that’s all I’m going to disclose), Haifa is a woman I visit mainly for the pleasure of watching her move, speak, laugh and smile. Almost every elite Middle Eastern escort has a unique charm that I cannot put my finger on.

Putting aside the fact that Arabian escorts have proven to be some of the best hostesses, they also make fantastic company in intimate surroundings. Arab escorts have the voice of a songbird, the face of a divine goddess and the femininity of a Russian ballerina. The London Arab escorts have it all, and they know exactly how to flaunt it.

Je ne sais quoi: you either have it or you don’t. Apparently, it is customary for Arab escorts to be alluring but as Haifa explained, “we should play around with stereotypes to keep things challenging and interesting. Fashion is a means of exploring the themes of seduction and beauty.” The key to how Arabian escorts come across as so enchanting? Well, I’m told that everything she wears - from her choice of perfume right down to her ankle bracelet - is chosen to please herself, first and foremost, before she even considers her clients’ tastes. The London Arabic escort will focus on herself, knowing full well that regardless of what she wears and how beautiful she is, her conduct and manners are what make people remember her.

“My beauty may be enchanting, but my charm is intoxicating” - Arab escort 

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