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First, lets set the scene – you are in London and you crave for the touch of a woman. You write on google : Elite escort girls” and boom! A million different escort sites pop up!

Asian escorts, Brazilian escorts, English Elite escorts and the list goes on and on. There are so many beautiful models appearing on your screen teasing and calling for you and are just a phone-call away.. you get exited and your body feels like its going to explode.

Each and every one of these websites promise you a variety of amazing elite escorts that will just blow your mind and leave you lying on the floor thanking your creator for giving you a sense of touch, taste and smell.

So you call the Elite escorts agency that you liked the most and ask for the most beautiful and kind high-class elite escort available for your companionship, the receptionist from the other side of the phone reassures you, of course that she is sending a beautiful escort model that will give you the time of your life. You feel excited for just ordering yourself a night with the best elite escort London can offer.

You prepare a bottle of Champagne in ice, take a shower and prepare for your beautiful and classy elite escort to appear.

Now, you find yourself facing several scenarios.

We shall start from the worst and rise from there.
1) A very common and problematic escort phenomena is what we call the VIP escort…which in this particular we will rephrase as Vampire In Prada.

Vip escort – Vampire in Prada – The First Kind

You imagined to yourself how it will be like to spend the night with one of London’s finest Elite Escorts. You envisaged a beautiful Woman with a perfect body, Swan like posture and soft feminine vibe that would give you a true courtesan experience compatible for a VIP.

However, to your surprise you open the door and in front of you stands an average looking woman, in her late 30’s or early 40’s, with a restless demeanour and jaded attitude.

This so called Elite escort enters the room and makes a bee-line for the mini-bar and after she pours herself a drink, she slumps down and looks at you with a dim look in her face.

‘I don’t english, You pay now!’ She says without even a hint for a smile

Can she be a Zombie ? You muse...

You of course, are feeling disappointed… so you decide to turn lemons to lemonade! You ask her:

“Do you like London? Tell me about yourself.”

The Vampire escort looks at you with an expression that says “How dare you ask me a question? You ungrateful walking wallet you!” but instead just aggressively shouts, I like everything baby, you pay for all night, we have fun.

You starting to see the situation is less and less cute in every moment that passes, so you pushed out a smile and say should we go to bed? WAIT! Shouted the vampire, we drink first, than massage, than we have fun yes?

So another 20 minutes goes by, and another bottle of whiskey been poured down, and finally your “Hige-class escort” is taking your hand and guiding you to the bedroom, is starting to feel excited while realising the same moment then this is the first time she touch you since the moment she entered the door.

Now you get a massage, hard stiff Touch with unnecessary force in places that needs softness and over softness in places that needs intensity and finally finally, she take off her cloths and climb toward you.

10 minutes left for the hour she says

How did that happened you ask yourself?

Do you want pay for me to stay baby? More hour?

No thanks you say, but lets make the ten minutes left counts ok?

You go faster, quick GO GO! …. %@& .. Good boy

She get’s out of bed quick as a cheetah, Get dressed while texting her phone and heads toward the door

And with one foot out the door she asks

You give tip yes?

Sounds bad?

Well this is what happens when Calling the wrong Escort agency


Luckily for you this is not the case here..

All of our girls are top of the notch Hige-class Escorts, worthy of their title and will never disrespect their art with a behaviour such as this, they know that The different between an Escort and Elite escorts is the requirement to be better than all the rest..

Now i know you really really want to read about the other types of escort experiences.. but you will have to wait until the next post..


All of our girls are independent Elite escorts, providing VIP services to respectable gentleman’s in the City of London and the EU.

All of our girls are all highly beautiful and were specifically chosen due to their high standards and Loving personality.

We will be happy to connect you with some of London Finest Elite escorts to a night that you will never forget.

xoxo – Lilith


Featured Image from Unsplash

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