Leticia – MILAN

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Leticia is a stunning half French, half Azerbaijani jazz singer who travels the world dazzling us with her nightingale voice.
She has gorgeous woodland-green eyes, soft mahogany-coloured hair and a super-slim, tall body. Her unusual, yet stunning bone structure is down to her mixed origins, and it is her background that enables her to adapt to any situation socially. She’s the perfect date for extended dinners, the opera and art galleries.


Name: Leticia
Age: 25
Measurements: 34B (natural) – 24″- 34″
Height: 5ft, 8″ (176 cm)
Eyes: Dark green
Languages: French (Native), Azerbaijani (fluent), English (fluent)
Outcall only
One hour: 1500
Overnight: 4000


“Jazz was originally about getting people to dance. When you look back at Jazz history, the practice was about breathing life into a piece, so it has a kind of swing and groove. I will take a song, like a broadway song, that is popular in the jazz repertoire but also in musical theatre, and deliver it with my own singing style. If you have someone – who is not a jazz singer – sing it, they will sing it exactly how it is written on the page. However, rhythm is a jazz singer’s currency and priority, so we have a different way of approaching a song. I will take a piece and sing whilst I click my fingers, syncopate the beat and sometimes slur my words, making the verse deliciously lapse into one another, creating a stream of emotion. Many people assume that because jazz can be slow and lullaby-like, that it must be easy to sing. The thing is I am always focussing intently on the diction, which demands full concentration on my pronunciation of the consonants and vowels.
Singing jazz is about rhythm, story-telling and your ability to respond in the moment to your environment: your wit. My ability to reposed in the moment is a result of all the work I put into my shows up until the day of the performance: learning the words, the song, the harmony and melody back to front. I learn the piece at such a high level, that whenever someone calls out from the audience, I can respond to them in such a sophisticated way.
To sing jazz, you have to listen to all the great jazz singers, from the beginning to now. My favorite singer is Ernestine Anderson; she had such gravitas on the stage.
There is a beautiful amalgamation of anticipation yet relaxation with jazz; a blend you can only truly appreciate in person,” Leticia tells us.

Leticia, a lover of all things feminine, goes to a specific lingerie designer to create pieces that embody the high-waisted themes and balconette shapes of the 50s glamour. Her style guru is the late Ingrid Bergman, and she adores Sophia Loren.

We suggest you book Leticia in advance if you would like to meet her in London, or pay her a visit in Milan.