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Exciting and passionate European escort in London.


Keira is the sort of girl you would take racing round the Laguna Seca, or spear fishing in Cape Town. She’s got the spirit of a lioness, the charisma of a best man at a wedding and the beauty of a Nordic goddess. It’s rare you find a girl who is gorgeous and intelligent, with a light playful backbite: this is Keira. Her eyes light up the room with their Tiffany blue /green colour, and her delicate bone structure is true to her Scandinavian roots. She is also half Kiwi which gives her the exotic edge that we could not quite put our finger on before.


Name: Keira
Age: 21
Measurements: 32D (Natural) – 24″ – 34″ 
Height: 5ft 9″ (175cm)
Eyes: Green
Nationality: Sacndinavian / Kiwi
Languages: English
Locations: Soho
One hour: 750
Availability to travel: yes


This stunning Eastern European escort has a gorgeous body, which can be attributed to her love of morning swims. There are blonde escorts and then there is Keira: our modern-day Bridget Bardot.

Scandinavian and Eastern European escorts alike, have this magnetic pull about them and once you spend time with a Scandy, you will not be able to get them out of your mind. Keira has this delightful laugh, coupled with a naughty twinkle in her eye. She loves to read between the lines and keep you guessing but there is one subject she is blunt about: Scandinavian lovelies. To supply you with some background information, there are two types of beauty in Scandinavia: beautiful and dangerously beautiful and we asked Keira to attest to this. Keira responded with: “yes, Scandinavians are stunning but that does not complete a woman alone, we also have a great reputation for having fun and being incredibly loyal when we find that special someone”, – fair enough, so we progress to ask her what her ideal man would be. Keira tells us that she values a good sense of humour, a thirst for adventure, confidence and of course, humility. Do you think you fit the description? Our elite escorts are waiting for you, in that case. If there are several orbiters competing for her attention, she will gravitate towards the gentleman that speaks little about his past work accomplishments, rather focusing on activities that interest him. Keira does confess and tell us that “I have a major weak spot for men who speak highly about their mothers or sisters, it’s very attractive to me”.

Travelling the world is her top priority and making the choice to be a beautiful blonde European escort has certainly allowed her to do that. If you are a man that loves the beach, you will fit right in, she loves the smells of the salty air from the sea and peaches. Her love for the beach carved out her hobby of spearfishing. Keira loves to get her hair knotty after a day on a boat with the wind blowing through her hair. It would be great to dive deeper into her past experiences in this exciting hobby (images of Ursula Andress pops into the mind), but maybe some things should be left for subsequent conversations on a one-to-one basis. If you would like to know more, Keira would love to meet you, she is one of our elite escorts from Eastern Europe.

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