Angelina is a petite Brazilian bombshell with a megawatt smile and a delightful accent that will make you sit back and marvel at how cute it is!
She is a great mingler in large parties and loves getting to know more about you. This girl has the rare gift of being able to listen properly, there is not one subject that she is not interested in talking about.
Angelina dresses to the height of fashion and she resembles the gifts that are wrapped only through a luxury bespoke service.  Her wavy dusty blonde hair and amazon green eyes rest on a body that would rival Tarzan’s girlfriend; there is something preen yet undeniably wild about her when you look a little deeper.


Name: Angelina
Age: 23
Measurements: 34C-24-32 (Natural)
Height: 5ft 6
Eyes: Blue
Languages: English, Portuguese
Location: Earls Court
I hour: 600
2 hours: 1100
Overnight: 3000
Availability to travel worldwide: yes


Angelina comes from the beautiful bountiful Brazil, where the mojitos are cold and the curves are hot. Angelina’s past lies in volleyball, but this is not uncommon with the indigenous people of Natal. As Angelina explained to us: “when you live in such a hot climate, there is not a huge focus on seasonal fashion because the weather is extremely hot all year round. Due to the tediousness of having the Pagan god shine down on us 24/7, we usually stick to bikinis, jeans and beach dresses; possibly a t-shirt if we are going to church!” Angelina is cheeky and fun – we like that. In a coconut shell, Brazilians are very active girls who keep moving. Like Angelina, they love to party, converse, dance and most importantly, smile.

People gravitate towards those who are genuine and warm at heart. Angelina does not change who she is with based on the company she is in, and that is why we love her. She is a free-spirit and when you look deep into those light mint-set eyes, you will engage in a conversation that needs no words.

This sweetheart is a pleasure to take for dinner and cinema dates. Angelina is a real foodie and loves to be surprised with a last minute romantic meal and the best thing is that she is not a fussy eater. However, she is familiar with some of London’s best spots for eating, so if you have arrived in London and are stuck with where to eat at, we suggest you meet Angelina and ask her. Her favourite restaurant in London is Galvin La Chapelle in Old Spitalfields Market. The place is cosy, set in a former Victorian Chapel. There is a candle lit chandelier hanging in the centre of a trier-arched vaulted-ceiling which casts a sultry light across the dining area.
Angelina also loves gastro-pubs, a revolutionary dining experience aimed to keep pubs popular in England. She tells us that there is nothing better than going to a homely pub to eat comforting food, followed by a long walk in the fields. It is no wonder she adores Hampstead Heath – a pride park of London, covering 320 Hectares. The pub she loves to go to most in Hampstead Heath is The Freemasons Arms, “the Croxton Manor Cheddar Soufflé is to die-for!” exclaims Angel. Wow, ok then!