Elite London Escort Sophia
Elite London Escort Sophia
Sexy London Escort Sophia
High Class London Escort Sophia
Elegant London Escort Sophia
Model London Escort Sophia
5ft 5″ (170cm)
32D (natural) – 24″ – 34″
Dark Brown
English, Portuguese (native), and Spanish (fluent)
Availability to travel

Sophia is a beautiful Brazilian angel of seduction. If you’re quick, you’ll catch one of her cheeky winks; if you’re vigilant, you will see the flecks of green in her brown eyes. She has a foxy smile and long hair that she flicks from side to side when she feels flirty, which is often.

Sophia has a gorgeous body with abs that even Michelangelo would marvel at. Her favourite sport is tennis, although she finds the strict ‘all white dress code’ to be laborious, especially as she loves to wear bright clothes. On the subject of clothing, why don’t you pay Sophia a visit? She has an impressive wardrobe and loves to play dress-up at any given opportunity.

Sophia loves to be spoilt and confesses that candles get her going. She explains, “I love candles of specific scents. Certain smells create a mood, so its crucial to pick the right one. Vanilla makes me nostalgic, Lavender makes me feel relaxed and Black Lilly makes me feel sensual.” Another scent, although unusual, that Sophia loves is the smell of rain – strange but explicable. Petrichor is a chemical reaction between an oil made of plant secretion and soil odour. Apparently, this is the closest smell you will get to the smell of the ozone layer.

Frequenting the same coffee places, Sophia likes to meet new people and hear their stories. She is full of exciting stories herself but what fun is it when you can’t listen to others. When the hand passes seven and the sun meets the horizon, Sophia indulges in a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Wine tasting and drinking is one of my favourite hobbies and can you describe a more perfect evening than sitting with friends, catching up and sipping on sumptuous wines? She delights in telling us, “I love drinking wine, responsibly. Although, I will never wave away a glass of champagne, there is something special about wine which has been used for celebrations for centuries. Champagne – most the time – is for a special occasion and people tend to just chug it down and ask for another glass; with wine, it’s different. Wine requires smell, taste and memory. It’s not even as pretentious as it sounds because you may have tasted wines from all over the continent with bottles ranging in prices of six pounds to two-thousand but your favourite may be a type of Moscato that costs twenty-five pounds. This is the beauty of wine and I hope you make time to sit down and enjoy a glass or two with me

Bright lights, dizzy heights, wine delight and whirlwind nights; Sophia is a must-see class act.

1 Hour


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